Guard Equipment 1.3

For prison servers who want their guards to have special "tools"

  1. Firegred.
    This is a custom plugin for prison servers. These are meant for guards to use. Basically, there are three items that come with this plugin. 1. PepperSpray 2. Tazer 3. Baton

    PepperSpray: When you right click a victim, he or she get sprayed. When he or she get sprayed, they get blinded, poisoned, and slowed down for 30 seconds.

    Tazer: When you right click a victim, they get tazed. The tazer immobilizes the victim. It makes the victim unable to move for 10 seconds.

    Baton: It's basically a stick with knockback 5. When you hit someone with it, they just get hit far.

    How do you get Guard Equipment?
    You get the equipment through a special command.

    /guarditems: Gives you the guard equipment. You need the permission Guard.Item to use this command and its equipment.

    When you die with the equipment, it won't get dropped. You can't throw the equipment away