Guard_Block A2.25.15

Guard Block is a HardCore anti-greif. This is not greif logging or roll back this is ANTI-GREIF

  1. Wintergrasped
    Stop grief before it even happens with GuardBlock. GuardBlock protects players blocks and items the moment they lay it down no commands needed.

    GuardBlock features:
    No Command Protection:

    players don't need to remember a command to protect there stuff

    Trusts and UnTrusts:
    Players can trust and untrust players as they please using the simplistic commands of /t and /ut

    Op Bypass:
    Although the blocks that OP's lay down are still protected OP's do not have to be on a trusted list to break player blocks

    Protection Radius:
    When players place a block all the blocks around it for a configured radius are protected too.

    Restricted Number Of Blocks:
    There are multiple "Ranks" players can be set at these "Ranks" have a maximum number of blocks they can have protected.

    Chest Protection:

    All objects that you have to "Interact" with are protected including Furnaces, crafting tables, doors, chests, brewing stands, ETC

    TNT Protection:
    What about TNT? Well what about it we protect against that too not only against placing it on protected block but we protect against it blowing up and protected blocks unless it was placed by the owner.

    OP Wand:
    OP's can hold a bone in there hand and right click to see who owns a block.


    - /t PLAYERNAME -- adds the specified player to your trusted list
    - /ut PLAYERNAME -- Removes specified player from your trusted list
    - /p -- toggles your protection ON or OFF turns on when ever you join

    Op Only Commands:
    - /gb set rank PLAYERNAME RANK -- set GuardBlock rank of a specific player

Recent Reviews

  1. Tifinchi
    Version: A1.0
    This Is Great! But I have have a few problems and it isn't really functional until it's fixed.. Before I added the jar, I had to go into the plugin.yml and remove the space between Guard and Block. They are still able to open each other's chests... and I really need it to not allow world edit to be used on those blocks as well!
    If you update and let me know.. I would give 5 stars A++++ all the way!!!
    1. Wintergrasped
      Author's Response
      I have fully Updated the plugin tested all of its functionality and it is 100% working on MC Version 1.15.2