Gui-Log+ [Skript] Plugin Version 1.0.3

View Commands issued by other players.

  1. LegendofOwls
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    Gui-Log+ (Version 1.0.3)
    Gui-Log+ is an extension to our original plugins such as Teams++ & Essentials+.
    Gui-Log+ lets you see commands (from our plugins) issued by players.

    - Lets you see commands from Teams++ in an inventory.
    - Lets you see commands from Essentials+ in an inventory.

    - See the commands issued either for all players or for individual players.

    - Allows you to see all online players.

    - Allows you to see all offline players.

    - Allows you to see all players that have ever joined the server.


    Gui-Log+ Plugin Requires the following plugins.
    (The Gui-Log+ plugin was tested using these versions of the plugins.)
    (There is no guarantee that it will work with later/earlier versions of these plugins.)
    Skirpt version 2.1.2 Required for general operations.
    SkQuery version 3.21.4. Required for the Settings Gui features.
    WildSkript version 1.8 Required for the config.


    Potential data loss on less powerful servers. (A fix is being worked on)
    Teleporting to a Teams home is not being properly Logged Correctly (Fixed coming in next version)

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  1. specialgames27
    Version: Plugin Version 1.0.3
    OMG. Good work dude! I dont know if it works, but i see you did a good job! I respect that 5 stars from 5 :)
    1. LegendofOwls
      Author's Response
      Thank you so much.