Gui Manager | A Lightweight JSON Gui Manager! 1.0.0

A very customizable and lightweight GUI Manager, and JSON Configuration!

  1. burchard37
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    • 1.16
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    Gui Manager

    Simple, lightweight Gui management plugin that allows you to configure you plugin Gui's in JSON, with support for many plugins!

    Currently the plugin is supported by these plugins:

    PlaceholderAPI (All plugin strings are passed through this)
    HeadsDatabase (For displaying custom heads in Gui's)
    CustomItems (For displaying custom item's in Gui's)
    Vault (Ability to withdraw money) ***WIP***
    ShopGUI+ (Ability to open a shop for a player when item is clicked)

    This plugin REQUIRES PlaceholderAPI, without PlaceholderAPI this plugin will not load! Download PlaceholderAPI here:

    This plugin REQUIRES Vault, without Vault this plugin will not load! Download Vault here:

    I know this may be annoying to have 2 forced dependencies but do note that if you are running GuiManager you likely already have these 2 plugins installed anyways. Eventually I will change this so that the plugin can load without forced dependencies!

    Gui manager has its own custom language for the config, allowing you to do a variety of things from opening ShopGUI+ Shops to someone, to playing sounds and showing action bars to players! I plan to add a whole bunch more features to this plugin such as ability to withdraw money, give money, as well as many more hooks for other plugins!

    Gui Manager also supports animated GUI's, meaning your able to have flashing items in your inventory (currently at a fixed speed but ability to change this speed will be added soon!) that can change what they are! This makes well for various things such as item showcasing all the way down to just simply decorating your gui!

    An example server you can see this plugin running on is CloudliteMC! Join at and type either /forge or /hoepass and take a look at the gui's! They are entirely running on this plugin :)

    Please note this is my first ever public resource I've made available to anyone, so the documentation may not be the best currently because I'm mainly used to working on private repos and stuff, the source code will be available in the upcoming week after more major features get added into this plugin.


    Our docs are currently hosted on our github wiki: they are very unfinished however I am adding to this since I have uploaded this to SpigotMC


    If you would like support I am glad to help! Here is some ways you can contact be, 1 being the best way and higher numbers means more delay in support

    1) Contact me via DM on discord Dalton#4045 (If this plugin becomes popular enough I will create a discord server)
    2) Contacting me VIA DM on SpigotMC Forums
    3) Discussion part of this thread
    4) Don't ask for support in reviews, this simply wont work I will redirect you to my discord.


    Example Gui's

    This showcases functions from Custom items, PlaceholderAPI, Alternating items and basic sound functions, this plugin has many more features! One day I will make a video explaining the entire functions of this plugin! Note: These example are available to view publicly at and typing /forge and /hoepass!

    There is a example.json provided with this plugin, but do note it showcases all the plugin support this plugin has, so if you see stone on /example so not worry! Errored items turn to stone instead of flooding console with errors! You may also need to install and PaPi placeholder to view placeholders in /example!

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