[GUI Shop] BurkeyShop 1.11.2_0.1.0

The simplest and cleanest shop plugin you'll ever find.

  1. cjburkey01
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
    More information available on the WIKI

    Need a simple, yet effective server-wide GUI shop? Look no further. BurkeyShop aims to provide you with the simplest and easiest shop possible. With its easy to understand config file setup and simple gui, you'll have a fully functional shop in no time! For setup info, refer to the above link to the wiki.

    • Note #1:
      • You can Shift+Click in the shop to buy/sell a stack instead of one at a time.
    • Note #2:
      • The shop does not come predefined with any prices or items, I have a preset shop.txt file you can download HERE if you wish.
    • Installation:
      • Install VAULT if you don't have it.
      • Drop BurkeyShop-x.x.x_x.x.x into your plugins folder.
    Here's what the shop looks like(with items, of course):
    (The name at the top can be changed)
    • Planned features:
      • DONE! - Multiple pages
      • DONE! - Adding and removing items to the shop via command.
      • Feel free to recommend more features via discussion or review.
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Recent Updates

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Recent Reviews

  1. ajgeiss0702
    Version: 1.11.2_0.1.0
    Was a great gui shop plugin on 1.12, but on 1.13 half the items will not sell. It just says that you don't have enough items.
  2. Dark_Ville
    Version: 1.11.2_0.1.0
  3. xGscFlame
    Version: 1.11.2_0.1.0
    Great plugins keep updating!!!

    So easy to use this plugin it is what i was looking for!!
  4. Theus_F
    Version: 1.11.2_0.1.0
    Perfect plugin! Keep updating, add to config a way to transalate the sell and buy message at lore of the item please!
  5. Akmal18
    Version: 1.11.2_0.1.0
    Yes! At last i found the perfect plugin. Is so newbie-friendly and it works great! Thank You so much! Btw i never comment b4.. but this is so impressive.. Well Done!
  6. seaver06
    Version: 1.11.2_0.1.0
    wonderfull plugin maybe you should add an notification that you buy this item in the chat will be great so i mean : 'you bought >item< for >Price< | You sell >item< for >sell-price<
  7. DecoArt
    Version: 1.11.2_0.1.0
    Very simple to setup, works flawlessly. I would rate this 5 stars however, if the shop menu showed buy and sell prices for shift+clicking to deal in 64 stacks.
  8. Hyderatic
    Version: 1.11.2_0.1.0
    Finally I ve found a perfectly working guishop plugin...
    Also, what about adding a way to disable selling/buying for specific items.
  9. porkypine47
    Version: 1.11.2_0.1.0
    The Plugin Works Perfectly As Said So I Am Just Wondering How Do I Give The Permission To Users Example: /pex group guest add burkeyshop.shop What is the permission for that is it just burkeyshop
    1. cjburkey01
      Author's Response
      Theoretically, `burkeyshop.use` should be enough to allow players to buy and sell.
  10. Jillo
    Version: 1.11.2_0.1.0
    OMG, your plugin is the best shop for admin, and hey i hope you can add lore on item when i put it into the shop, please update it soon <3
    1. cjburkey01
      Author's Response
      Lore is an interesting idea, I could look into it.