GUI Shops 1.0

Adds the ability to create GUI based shops

  1. FyrenGaming
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    • 1.14
    GUI Shops

    What it does:

    GUI Shops is a straightforward plugin that allows server admins to create/edit/delete shops in Minecraft. These shops are then easily accessible to players, by allowing them to buy or sell items from a user friendly GUI.

    What you need:

    GUI Shops is able to work with most economy plugins by hooking into Vault. Vault is the only dependency for the plugin (other than spigot that is!).


    GUIShops.* - This gives access to all commands in the plugin. This is given by default to server operators.

    GUIShops.Admin - This gives access to creating/modifying/deleting shops.

    GUIShops.Open - This gives access to actually opening the shops.


    usage: /GuiShopCreate <shop name>
    description: Creates a new shop.
    aliases: [gscreate, gsc]

    usage: /GuiShopAdd <shop name> <buy price> <sell price>
    description: Adds the item in hand to the specified shop.
    aliases: [gsadd, gsa]

    usage: /GuiShopOpen <shop name>
    description: Opens the selected shop
    aliases: [gsopen, gso]

    usage: /GuiShopRemove <shop name>
    description: Opens the selected shop to remove items from the shop.
    aliases: [gsremove, gsr]

    usage: /GuiShopDelete <shop name>
    description: Deletes the selected shop.
    aliases: [gsdelete, gsd]

    usage: /GuiShopReload
    description: Reloads the shop configuration file. Only needs to be used if the shop configuration file has been altered manually.
    aliases: [gsreload, gsrl]

    To create a shop:

    1. First, you will use /GUIShopCreate <shop name> to create a new shop.

    2. You will want to add an item to the shop. Using /GUIShopAdd <shop name> <buy price> <sell price>; this will add the item currently in your main hand to the shop.

    3. Should you want to remove an item from a shop, simply use /GUIShopRemove <shop name> and it will open the shop for you. Once open, if you click on the item you want removed, it will be removed instantly. Be warned, this cannot be undone.

    4. If you want to delete a shop completely, you will use /GUIShopDelete <shop name> and the shop will be deleted permanently.

    5. Players can open the shop by using /GUIShopOpen <shop name> and purchase or sell items from the GUI. Shop names are case sensitive.

    To Do List:

    [] Add a main GUI so that all shops can be accessed from a main screen.
    [] Add in multi-page shops.


Recent Reviews

  1. Gamex198
    Version: 1.0
    I give it 4 stars because it is very good, the problem is that it usually marks an error and if it works and everything but I remove it because the console marks errors, if you could fix it up to a Tutorial I could do it, greetings!