Guilds 1.8.5-RELEASE-FIX

Lightweight, flexible, popular plugin for any Minecraft server. Forget Factions! Guilds are here!

  1. GlareMasters
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
    Development Builds: ................ (Use at own risk!)

    Important: If you are updating from a previous version to 1.8.5-RELEASE, please backup and delete your language folder and config, as new stuff has been added to both.

    Please ignore the dual update today. The role's have a dual check for "deposit-money" this will be fixed in 1.8.6-RELEASE, it was an oversight that I thought was not in the plugin but actually was. To modify it please change both for a role for the time being.

    --[ Wiki | Issues | Support ]--
    About Guilds
    The Guilds Plugin was created to offer a RPG type system to servers. It was inspired by players like you who enjoy creating a fun and exciting environment for your server. Guilds allows players to join interactive groups of other players, forge their own communities on your server, and compete with other guilds for dominance and control.

    Guilds was written with the thought of all types of servers in mind. It's made and ready to support any type of server you throw at it. With constant updates containing more optimization and configurable options along with new features, this plugin is always up to date and ready to use.

    The best part is that you can customize this RPG experience on your server. Don't like one of the features? You don't have to use it! Simply make a config change or remove a permission node and that feature won't work in the plugin!

    What are you waiting for? It's time to set off on a journey in the world of Minecraft using this new style of RPG.

    Guilds Core Features

    Fully Customizeable roles
    which allow for greater flexibility and specialization for your server. For Example: You can change the name of the Guild Master rank to King, or Lord. Additionally, you can also customize the permissions for each role in the plugin's config file.

    Guild Tiers which can allow users to level up their guild in order to allow more perks such as more members in the guild or double mob exp dropping. There can be unlimited tiers, it's all up to you.

    Guild Bank which allow you as a community to save up money in your bank!

    Customizeable prefixes which allow you to customize a player's guild prefix to provide for a greater sense of identity/allegiance to said guild.

    MySQL support which allows you to save most of the plugin data across servers so it can be used with Bungeecord! Note: Not all data is saved in MySQL.

    Guild Vaults which allow players to store items in their Vault that's accessible by all other members in the Guild, allowing them to further work as a team on your server.

    Guild Buffs which allow you to buy special buffs for your guild for a certain amount of time.

    Multi-language support which allow you to use this plugin even if you aren't an English speaking server! The plugin currently supports English, French, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese, Swedish, Hungarian, Russian, Slovak, Romanian, Polish, Portuguese, and Vietnamese, with more being added constantly by the help of the community!

    Custom placeholders which support PlaceholderAPI, MVdWPlaceholderAPI, and Essentials (must have EssentialsChat).

    PlaceholderAPI Placeholders: %Guilds_name%, %Guilds_prefix%, %Guilds_master%, %Guilds_member_count%, %Guilds_members_online%, %Guilds_role%, %Guilds_tier%

    To make the PlaceholderAPI work you MUST use the command
    /papi ecloud download Guilds

    MVdWPlaceholderAPI Placeholders: {guild} (or {guild_name} ), {guild_prefix}, {guild_master}, {guild_member_count} {guild_members_online}, {guild_role}, {guild_tier}


    Vault integration allows you to set a price on how much it costs to make a guild or how much it cost to set a guild home. This plugin works with AND without Vault.

    Auto-check which prompts the server owner to update the plugin whenever a new update is released here on Spigot.

    Guild Chat filter which lets all players within a specific guild use their own unique guild chat which can only be viewed by people in said guild.

    Guild List which allows you to display information about all the guilds on your server via GUI.

    Scoreboard support which allows you to hook the plugin's placeholders into any scoreboard plugin that supports PlaceholderAPI or MVdWPlaceholderAPI (Featherboard).

    Almost fully customizable in order to allow you to style the look and feel of the plugin to your needs for your server.

    Guild Signs which allow you to make an invite sign where ever you place the sign just by setting the first line to [Guild]

    Custom Tablist which allows you to show your guild in the tablist!

    Commands & Permissions:
    All commands and permissions can be found on the Wiki here.


    Configuration File:
    Code (Text):

    #                     ABOUT THIS PLUGIN                     #

    # Guilds by the Glare Masters
    # Guilds on DevBukkit:
    # Guilds on SpigotMC:
    # Guilds on GitHub:
    # Guilds Wiki:
    # Guilds Development Builds:

    #                     IMPORTANT INFORMATION                 #

    version: 13

    # Hooks will control what the plugin can hook into. For example:
    # Enabling the worldguard hook will make it check if PVP is allowed in a region before doing damage.
    # If you change a hook to true and don't actually have the plugin, it may throw errors.

      worldguard: false

    #                     CHOOSE YOUR LANGUAGE                  #

    # Choosing your language for the plugin couldn't be easier! The default language is english.
    # Not an english server? No worries, you can choose from the following list of languages that we currently support.
    # If you speak another language but don't see it here, feel free to submit it via one of the links above to have it added to the plugin.
    lang: english
    # The plugin also supports the following other languages:
    # - chinese
    # - dutch
    # - english
    # - french
    # - hungarian
    # - japanese
    # - polish
    # - romanian
    # - russian
    # - simplifiedchinese
    # - slovak
    # - swedish
    # - portuguese
    # - german
    # - vietnamese
    # - norwegian

    # NOTE: If you change your language please ONLY use from the list above and use them EXACTLY as they are spelled in the list above.
    # Example: If I am a french server, I would change lang: english to lang: french
    # If you try and use a different language than any in the list above, the plugin will not function in a normal manner.

    # You can modify how commands look like /guild help by simply configuring to a different language / style below

       accept: "Accept a guild invite"
       admin: "Admin command for managing guilds"
       ally: "Ally commands"
       boot: "Kick a player from your guild"
       bank: "Use your guild bank"
       buff: "Buy buffs for your guild"
       bugreport: "Submit a bug report"
       cancel: "Cancel an action"
       chat: "Send a message to your guild members"
       check: "Check pending guild invites"
       confirm: "Confirm an action"
       create: "Create a guild"
       decline: "Decline a guild invite"
       delete: "Delete your current guild"
       demote: "Demote a member of your guild"
       help: "View all commands"
       home: "Teleport to your guild home"
       info: "View your guild's info"
       inspect: "Inspect another guild"
       invite: "Invite a player to your guild"
       leave: "Leave your current guild"
       list: "List all guilds on the server"
       prefix: "Change your guild's prefix"
       promote: "Promote a member of your guild"
       reload: "Reload guild's configuration file"
       sethome: "Set your guild's home"
       status: "Toggle your guild public / private"
       transfer: "Transfer your guild to another user"
       update: "Update to the most recent version of guilds"
       upgrade: "Upgrade your guild to a higher level"
       vault: "Open your guild vault"
       version: "Plugin info / version"

    #                     GUI CONFIGURATION                     #

    # In this section of the config you can choose if you would look a GUI for various commands. The ones displayed below are the only ones that have implemented GUIs on them.
    # For example: if info is set to true, you can change that to false and that would make /guild info display as text vs opening a GUI.
      info: true

    # As stated above, the name here such as list and info will modify data inside that commands GUI.
    # If your server's language is not english, you will need to manually modify these to your server's language and they will display in the GUI as your new input.

    # This section controls what shows in the "/guild list" command.
      prefix: true
      name: true
      master: true
      member-count: true
      members: true
      guildstatus: true
      guildtier: true

      prefix: "&aGuild Prefix: "
      name: "&cGuild Name: "
      master: "&8Guild Master: "
      member-count: "&6Member Count: "
      members: "&5Members: "
      guildstatus: "&3Guild Status: "
      guildtier: "&fGuild Tier: "

      playername: "Name: "
      guildname: "Guild: "
      master: "Guild Master: "
      member-count: "Member Count: "
      role: "Guild Role: "
      members: "Members In Guild: "
      guildstatus: "Guild Status: "
      guildtier: "Guild Tier: "

    # This part controls what is shown as the inventory name for things such as Guild List and Guild Vaults.
      vault: "Guild Vault"
      info: "Guild Info"
      buff: "Guild Buffs"
       name: "Guild List"
       next-page: "Next Page"
       previous-page: "Previous Page"
       page: "Page: "
       head-name: "{player}'s Guild"
    # head-name is what show's when you hover over a head in the Guild List. For example, the default will show Username's Guild

    #                     Buff Configuration                    #

    # In this section of the config, you can modify the buff name, price, time, and amplifier (Haste 1, 2 ,3 4, etc).
    # The current will give Haste 2, Speed 2, etc with "1". If you make it "2", it'll change it to 3, and so on.

    disable-buff-stacking: true

       haste: "Substance of the Redmod Graff"
       speed: "Blessing of the Cheetah"
       fire-resistance: "Scales of the Dragon"
       night-vision: "Eyes of the Lurking Demon"
       invisibility: "Feet of the Ghostly Walker"
       strength: "Mighty Strength of the Pouncing Lion"
       jump: "Bounce of the Quick Witted Rabbit"
       water-breathing: "Lungs of the Albino Shark"
       luck: "Intelligence of the Mystic Witch"
       haste: 60
       speed: 60
       fire-resistance: 60
       night-vision: 60
       invisibility: 60
       strength: 60
       jump: 60
       water-breathing: 60
       luck: 60
       haste: 60
       speed: 60
       fire-resistance: 60
       night-vision: 60
       invisibility: 60
       strength: 60
       jump: 60
       water-breathing: 60
       luck: 60
       haste: 1
       speed: 1
       fire-resistance: 1
       night-vision: 1
       invisibility: 1
       strength: 1
       jump: 1
       water-breathing: 1
       luck: 1
       price: "&bPrice: "
       length: "&bLength of Buff: "
       - "&bThis buff will allow you and your"
       - "&bGuild Members to obtain increased"
       - "&bmining speed for a certain amount of time."
       - "&bThis buff will allow you and your"
       - "&bGuild Members to obtain increased"
       - "&bmovement speed for a certain amount of time."
       - "&bThis buff will allow you and your"
       - "&bGuild Members to obtain increased"
       - "&fire resistance for a certain amount of time."
       - "&bThis buff will allow you and your"
       - "&bGuild Members to obtain increased"
       - "&bnight vision for a certain amount of time."
       - "&bThis buff will allow you and your"
       - "&bGuild Members to obtain increased"
       - "&binvisibility for a certain amount of time."
       - "&bThis buff will allow you and your"
       - "&bGuild Members to obtain increased"
       - "&bstrength for a certain amount of time."
       - "&bThis buff will allow you and your"
       - "&bGuild Members to obtain increased"
       - "&bjump for a certain amount of time."
       - "&bThis buff will allow you and your"
       - "&bGuild Members to obtain increased"
       - "&bwater-breathing for a certain amount of time."
       - "&bThis buff will allow you and your"
       - "&bGuild Members to obtain increased"
       - "&bluck for a certain amount of time."

    #                     Vault Configuration                   #

    # This section of the config will display options for your server based upon if you are using the Vault plugin or not.
    # This option only matters if you have an economy plugin on your server AND you have Vault installed.
    # The plugin will work without Vault but ONLY if you don't have an economy plugin also.
    require-money: false

    # Uncomment the lines below if you have Vault + an economy plugin and have change the option above to true.
    # You can define how much it costs for users to create a guild, the cost option, and you can define how much it costs for users to set a guild home.

    #  cost: 100
    #  sethome-cost: 100

      enabled: true
      reward: 10
      take-from-killed-player: 10

    #                     Guild Upgrade Configuration           #

    # This section of the config will talk about various parts of upgrading a guild and allow you to choose how it works.
    # For "mob-xp-multiplier" the default is 1, meaning that it will drop the normal amount of XP for non-upgraded guilds.
    # DO NOT set it to 0, that will either throw errors or cause mobs to not drop XP.

    # You can make as many as you want. You MUST name each tier "tier1, tier2, tier3, etc." while following the format of the already made ones.
    # For example: if I wanted to add a 4th tier, I would do this:

    # tier4:
    #   cost: 400
    #   max-members: 100
    #   mob-xp-multiplier: 4
    #   damage-multiplier: 4

    # Keep in mind for the damage-multiplier, it applies to players also, so by default it's set to normal for every tier to allow you
    # to choose how it will work.

    max-number-of-tiers: 3

      cost: 0
      max-members: 15
      mob-xp-multiplier: 1
      damage-multiplier: 1
      cost: 200
      max-members: 30
      mob-xp-multiplier: 2
      damage-multiplier: 1
      cost: 300
      max-members: 50
      mob-xp-multiplier: 3
      damage-multiplier: 1

    #                     Community Server List                 #

    # Guilds comes with it's own Server Listing website.
    # If you choose to not display your website among the others on the Server List, you can change the below option to false.
    # The Community Server List website is
    server-list: true

    #                     Guild Configuration                   #

    # This section of the config will talk about various parts of making a guild and options as server owner you can set.

    # The prefix of all messages send by this plugin to a player for all messages and commands
    plugin-prefix: "&a[Guilds]"

    # Disable this to remove guild names showing next to a player in "TabList"
    tablist-guilds: true

    tablist-use-display-name: false

    # Change how the Prefixes in the TabList show!
    # Note: DO NOT REMOVE THE {guild}
    # You can use {prefix} to show the Guild Prefix instead if you would like.
    tablist: "&7[&b{guild}&7]&r"

    # Disable this if you don't want to allow Guild Signs to be made.
    guild-signs: true

    # Here you can modify how the /guild chat message style works.
    guild-chat-format: "&7&l[Guild Chat]&r &b[{role}] %s: %s"

    # Change this to true if you want to allow players in the same guild / guild's that are allies with each other to damage each other.
    allow-guild-damage: false
    allow-ally-damage: false

    # Check for update on startup (SUGGESTED YOU KEEP THIS ENABLED)
      check: true

    # This part pertains to the /guild home command
    # Define how long they must wait to use the command
      cool-down: 60
    # Define how long they must stand still before being teleported
      teleport-delay: 5
    # Keep this TRUE unless you really don't want it. It could mess up how teleport-delay works.
      freeze-player: true
    # Freezing a player will make them not able to move while teleporting.
    # Change the teleport-delay if you want them to wait longer to teleport after running the command.

    # Define how long they must wait to use the command
      cool-down: 60

    # Minimum length of guild names
      min-length: 1
    # Maximum length of guild names
      max-length: 64
    # RegEx ( used to only allow certain characters (default only allows alphanumeric characters)
    # To turn off the ability for colored names change the regex to "^[a-zA-Z0-9]*$"
      regex: "^[a-zA-Z0-9&]*$"

    # With the default Regex currently set, the minimum length of the prefix is 1 and the maximum is 20.
    # To change this, adjust the numbers and maybe have a look at the link above (RegEx).
    # To turn off the ability for colored prefixes change the regex to "[a-zA-Z0-9]{1,20}"
      regex: "[a-zA-Z0-9&]{1,20}"

    # Enable or disable scoreboard which handles friendly fire, prefixes and guild invisibility
      enable: false
    # Enable or disable friendly fire (Allied Guilds)
      friendly-fire: false
    # Enable or disable being able to see invisible guild members
      see-invisible: true

    # There are lots of options when it comes to configuring the roles. We have NOT (yet) experience with adding new ranks, so if it breaks, do not be surprised.
    # You can change individual perms for each rank but please DO NOT modify the order in which they go along with the numbers such as 0, 1 ,2, 3, etc.

       name: "GuildMaster"
         activate-buff: true
         add-ally: true
         ally-chat: true
         change-home: true
         change-master: true
         change-prefix: true
         chat: true
         demote: true
         deposit-money: true
         invite: true
         kick: true
         open-vault: true
         promote: true
         remove-ally: true
         remove-guild: true
         toggle-guild: true
         transfer-guild: true
         upgrade-guild: true
         withdraw-money: true
         deposit-money: true

       name: "Officer"
         activate-buff: false
         add-ally: true
         ally-chat: true
         change-home: true
         change-master: false
         change-prefix: false
         chat: true
         demote: true
         deposit-money: true
         invite: true
         kick: true
         open-vault: true
         promote: true
         remove-ally: true
         remove-guild: false
         toggle-guild: false
         transfer-guild: false
         upgrade-guild: false
         withdraw-money: true
         deposit-money: true

       name: "Veteran"
         activate-buff: false
         add-ally: false
         ally-chat: true
         change-master: false
         change-prefix: false
         chat: true
         demote: false
         deposit-money: true
         invite: true
         kick: false
         open-vault: true
         promote: false
         remove-ally: false
         remove-guild: false
         toggle-guild: false
         transfer-guild: false
         upgrade-guild: false
         use-bank: true
         withdraw-money: false
         deposit-money: true
       name: "Member"
         activate-buff: false
         add-ally: false
         ally-chat: true
         change-master: false
         change-prefix: false
         chat: true
         demote: false
         deposit-money: true
         invite: false
         kick: false
         open-vault: true
         promote: false
         remove-ally: false
         remove-guild: false
         toggle-guild: false
         transfer-guild: false
         upgrade-guild: false
         withdraw-money: false
         deposit-money: true

    #                     Storage Configuration                 #

    # In this part of the config, we will discuss data saving for the plugin.

    # As of Guilds-1.8.3 MySQL has been remade, but it is EXPERIMENTAL, please report any and all bugs using MySQL to us before commenting poorly
    # on the Spigot plugin page.

    # Set the type of the database (Either JSON or MySQL)
      type: JSON
    # Uncomment when using MySQL
    #  host: ""
    #  port: 3306
    #  username: "root"
    #  password: "password"
    ## Note: Database needs to be created manually
    #  database: "guilds"
    #  pool-size: 10
    Contact Me:
    I am a very active developer as I enjoy giving back to the community whenever I can.

    Email: [email protected]
    Support Discord:
    Spigot PM: Click Me

    While this plugin is free to use, I put over 7-10 hours into a week. Supporting me on Patreon will allow me to support costs such as domain, test server, and many more services that go to developing the plugin, while also giving you some cool features such as advanced server placement on the community server listing, and a role in the Discord!

    Thank you to whose have volunteered their time to translate the plugin.

    English - blockslayer22 (myself)
    French - @Kurotan and @Harrio
    Dutch - @MisterFantasy
    Chinese - @TW_Danking
    Japanese - @ThePurpleHoser
    Swedish - @Shidapu
    Hungarian - @RobiFoxx
    Russian - @imDaniX
    Slovak - @kamziksvk
    Romanian - @PandaShadowz
    Polish - @pietrek777
    Portuguese - @ThiagoEloy
    Vietnamese - @HackerOTVW

    Terms of Service:
    By downloading this plugin you agree to the following:

    - You will NOT report bugs in the review section. They are to be messaged to me if you want a response on it.

    - You agree that this plugin is open source with the link to the code provided on this page and that any code modified must still be credited to me for the original work.

    - You agree that you are NOT allowed to redistribute this plugin as your own.

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