Guilds 1.8.9-RELEASE

Lightweight, flexible, popular plugin for any Minecraft server. Forget Factions! Guilds are here!

  1. New Language. Bug Fixes.

    Good Evening,

    Pretty simple update for you guys.

    New in this update:
    - Guild Banks "should" now work with MySQL.
    - Improved how fast players sync across servers (for servers using bungeecord).
    - You can now buy upgrades and buffs with Guild Bank Balance (if you tell it to in the config).
    - Fixed a bug with the wrong message being sent in guild upgrade.
    - With Guild Upgrade message, it will now say how much they need to upgrade.
    - Added support for Spanish

  2. Bug Fixes. New Placeholders. More configuration!

    Good Evening,

    Pretty simple update for you guys.

    New in this update:
    - You can now customize Guild Tier Names! This comes with it's very own placeholder too!
    - Fixed a bug where you could upgrade for free even with a price set
    - You can now buy upgrades and buffs with Guild Bank Balance (if you tell it to in the config).
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  3. New Placeholders. Voting / Crate Support / More Admin Commands / Bug Fixes

    Good Evening,

    List of changes for this update:
    - Added Placeholder for displaying the price of the next Guild Upgrade
    - Added in a Guild Ticket system (these are tickets that allow the user to instantly upgrade their guild. These can be given in votes, crates, etc. Console can run this command as "guild give username amount"). (Replace username with the respective placeholder and amount).
    - Removed Guild Luck Buff and replaced with Guild Regeneration Buff to allow 1.8 servers to use buffs
  4. Big changes! More configuration! Bug fixes!

    Good Evening,

    First off, I had a few requests to be able to display a user's Guild Name / Guild Prefix on their nametag, so, I'm proud to announce as of this update, you can.


    Note: This is a hook that requires the plugin "NameTagEdit" to work.

    The next feature we've added for this update is Titles. For servers (1.9 and above), you can now customize titles that are displayed to players during different events inside the plugin....
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  5. Emergency Fix for 1.8.5-RELEASE

    Super sorry for this quick fix,

    I forgot to add in the config the ability to choose what roles can deposit money.

    1.8.5 Change log

  6. Guild Banks! Bug Fixes!

    Good Morning,


    Side-Note: Balance in banks are not saved in MySQL yet.

    New Feature:

    Guild Banks are now here! You can now store money using your economy plugin via vault into the Guild Bank! You can even modify what roles can do what things, such as an Officer
    can deposit and withdraw money from the bank while a Member can only deposit.

    Please let me know if there are any bugs with this feature!

    List of changes...
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  7. Multiple Plugin Changes / Bug Fixes

    Good Morning,

    NOTE: THIS UPDATE WILL BREAK ALL COMMANDS UNLESS YOU UPDATE YOUR CONFIG & LANGUAGE FOLDER (meaning backup and delete them both and let new ones generate).

    The reason being is that I made it so all command descriptions can be modified to different languages / colors via the config.
    So, if you load the plugin and everything says "null" then that just means you need to update the config. It is NOT a bug.

    List of changes for...
  8. MySQL Support! More bug fixes!

    Good Morning,

    Today we have a pretty big milestone achieved in the plugin.

    This update will include the following:

    MySQL Support:
    Due to the popular demand, we have decided to re-add MySQL support to the plugin.

    Note, these are a few bugs that may occur:

    - Data may still be saved in YAML format, ignore this, but do not delete it, allow it to occur while it still saves in the database
    - MySQL is experimental and not everything will work, if you find a bug,...
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  9. More configuration options. Bug fixes / changes

    Good Afternoon,

    Multiple bug fixes in this update!

    This update will include the following:
    - All GUI names and items inside can be translated via the config
    - Removed console message for server list offline
    - Fixed an issue not being able to damage guild members - Fixed an issue not being able to damage ally members
    - Changed config auto-update to allow users to manually update them. (A message will be printed in the console if your config is not up-to-date).
    - Removed...
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  10. Bug Fixes! Bug Fixes! Bug Fixes!

    Good Evening,

    This update contains a multitude of bug fixes throughout the plugin:

    - Fixed /guild chat <message> only working when using 1 word for those who don't want to toggle guild chat on and off
    - Added support for German
    - Fixed the need to dual boot when you use the plugin for first time / sometimes update from previous version
    - Fixed Tablist not updating on /guild leave
    - Fixed Tablist not updating on /guild delete

    (I've changed the Spigot version numbers to start matching the...
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