GuiLib 1.10.2

Yet Another Inventory Gui Library

  1. Add a bunch of BungeeCord plugin message factory methods

    PluginMessageButton#BungeeCord is now a thing!

    Happy coding!
  2. PageMenu improvements

    PageMenus have seen two new big improvements!
    • Going between pages that have the same size no longer require an inventory re-open. This behaviour can be used by subclasses too by overriding #needsRedirects().
    • Clicking on redirect buttons inside a page will now keep the player inside a PageMenu.
  3. 1.16 update

    - Added the overload ItemBuilder#persistentData(NamespacedKey,PersistentDataContainer[])
    - Updated dependencies
  4. MenuHolder iterator improvements

    - the Iterator returned by MenuHolder#iterator is now a ListIterator that support all methods except #add(MenuButton).
    - added a specialized Spliterator as well.
  5. Support for inventory drag events

    - Updated several dependencies
    - Can now handle InventoryDragEvent from InventoryGuiHolder
    - Memory usage optimization for inventories that store their own InventyHolder in memory.
    - Other miscellanious cleanups
  6. Allow GUIs to handle InventoryDragEvent

    And some small fixes
  7. 1.14.4 update

    - Updates the ItemBuilder api to now include support for custom item models and PersistentDataHolder
    - Fixes a bug that caused PageMenu to handle inventory open/click/close events incorrectly
    - Allow menus to handle InventoryDragEvent (cancelled by default)
  8. Add ClaimButton functionality

    * Added the ability to let ClaimButton leave a copy of itself in the top inventory.
    * Fixed ClaimButton documentation
    * Upgraded to Java 12's class file format
  9. The plugin is called GuiLib

    Rename the plugin from GuiLib-Plugin back to GuiLib
  10. Add ItemBuilder methods to specify attributes and custom tags, add YesNoMenu

    Title says it all