Guilt 2.2

Guilt is a fun death message plugin for mobs

  1. Mach
    Guilt is a very simple plugin that adds death messages to mobs. Except for one catch, all the messages are meant to make you feel bad for killing them. Of course all of this is just in fun and a way to add another unique twist to your server. This plugin is super lightweight and should be a good fit for any servers that just like to have some fun.

    NOTE All messages are family friendly and good to go on any server.

    Current Mob List
    • Villager
    • Sheep
    • Cow
    • Pig
    • Horse
    • Squid
    • Chicken
    • Wolf
    • Ocelot
    • Bat
    • Iron Golem
    • Snow Golem
    • Rabbits
    • Creeper
    • Zombie
    • Skeleton
    • Spiders
    • SilverFish
    • Blaze
    • Zombie Pigman
    • Enderman
    • Ghast
    • Witch
    • Endermite
    • Guardian
    1. Download the plugin.
    2. Add the plugin to your plugins folder in your server files.
    3. Add guilt.use permission to your permissions plugin.
    4. Reload your server and enjoy Guilt :)
    You don't need to change any configurations for Guilt to run correctly on your server. However you may choose to change any colors or messages to fit your server best

    Just open the config.yml and change whichever message you want. When finished save your config.yml and run /guilt.reload. You're done enjoy!
    *note each mob is only allowed 5 messages.

    1. guilt.use - allows user to see all death messages.
    2. guilt.admin - allows user to use the /guilt version and reload commands
    3. - allows user to use the /guilt help command
    • / - shows full guilt command list
    • /guilt.version - shows current guilt build version and supporting bukkit version
    • /guilt.reload - reloads guilt's config.yml
    • Nothing - 2.0 adds custom messages
    If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please leave me a comment, pm, or ticket. This page will be checked very regularly. Thank you in advance for your download and enjoy :)

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    Please feel free to check out my other Bukkit projects.

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Recent Reviews

  1. TechieCrow
    Version: 2.2
    This is a great little plugin, I'm using it on my 1.8 hardcore server ( a lot of players enjoy it but some others don't so I would love to see a command to toggle the messages on and off (maybe even mob/animal specific) with a permission node :) it can be very spammy when you kill a lot of mods for example from a spawner/grinder.
  2. Konsider
    Version: 1.7
    Excellent plugin, and the author is friendly and helpful! :D
  3. abudy
    Version: 1.7
    Im the first downloader and vote (i download it after 2m from uploads)
    1. Mach
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your support! :)