GUIRedeemMcMMo 2015-09-09

Add Credits to McMMO xp level

  1. Oskang09
    - Give or take credits from players
    - Offline player support
    - Players can redeem credits into any mcMMO skill
    - A nice looking GUI when using /mcmmotoken
    - Supports mcMMO skill caps, players cannot go over the skill cap.
    - Almost all messages are customizable.
    - Show credits when chat with %credits% (customizable)
    - XpRate paper for player

    Variables For Credits:
    • {credits.%player%} <- Player's credits
    • {xprate.paper} <- mcMMO xprate paper
    I remake the plugins with skript so u can edit urself in the plugins :3
    upload_2015-9-9_15-42-44.png upload_2015-9-9_15-42-51.png


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