GUIShop 9.1.2

This plugin is the ultimate solution to all the signs, the chests, the glitches.

  1. More Stability, More Features!

    - AltSell closing randomly.
    - Better Item resolution errors.

    - /value command. Opens an inventory showing all possible sell/buy values of the item you're holding.
    - Even better item resolution fixes for 1.8.8 and below.
    - Alt-Sell Quantity Button Titles Configurable.
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  2. XSeries fixes

    - Add XSeries Relocations
  3. Major Fixes & Optimizations

    - Fixed Player Head Names
    - Massively optimized ItemStack building. Shed almost 1000 lines of code.
    - Massively optimized sell price ItemTable building.
    - Selling not properly translating legacy item names with newer names.
    - Purchasing items not properly building legacy item stacks with newer names.
    - ItemFlags incorrectly resolving from config.

    - Selling is now able to determine multiple sell prices for the same item type, depending on:
    Enchantments & Enchantment...
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  4. Selling Fix

    - Fixed GUIShop incorrectly calculating sellable prices.
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  5. Important Fixes

    - /gs printnbt ~ Prints the NBT of the item in your hand into console for easy copying/editing.
    - Added support for BigDecimal (prices such as 0.00000045).

    - Massively overhauled editor code. Now much more effecient and less likely to mess up.
    - Some editor Options not updating Lore after change is made.
    - Error when menu is empty and you open in editor/regular mode resulting in NPE.
    - Shop event listener ineffeciencies.
    - Editor not properly detecting deleted/edited items....
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  6. Minor Fixes

    - Player Heads
    - Editor not working

    Editor Info:
    - Shift+Click in the menu to open the shop you want to edit.
    - Regular Click in the menu to edit the specific menu item
  7. Final Selling Fixes

    - Fixes Selling issues caused by error in item Serialization.
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  8. Minor Fixes

    - Fixed Empty Cache breaking Plugin.
    - Updated Enchantments & Materials in XSeries.
    - Fixed Permissions.
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  9. Selling HotFix

    - Items not correctly registering in the global ItemTable.
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  10. GUIShop 9.0 - Major Update

    - Moved Menu configuration to menu.yml, matching shops.yml format.
    - Added Menu Pagination Support.
    - Added New Menu Categories & Shops.
    - Added auto resizing Menu Inventory Rows.
    - Added better Menu Page Titles.
    - Added cleaner debug messages without debug mode active.
    - Added Cache yml that can be used for many things in the future.
    - Added Player Head Skin Support using UUID (Even if specified UUID has never joined the server!).
    - Added Player Head Caching.
    - Added Custom Model...
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