GunGame | Minigame 1.4.1A

BungeeCord, Levels, Stats, Scoreboard, Titles, Chat-System, Config Rank-Settings and more!

  1. Download-Fix

    The download works again.
    I apologize that the link did not go that long!

    Best Regards
    - TUBEOF
  2. New Download Server

    The plugin will now take place via its own download server. Therefore, a link has been provided as a download, which refers to this server with the file.
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    VERSION 1.4.1:
    • Bugfixes! Some minor bugs have been fixed. The plugin works again without errors!
    Thanks to all who inform me about bugs and I can fix this! I wish you all a lot of fun with the bug-free version!
    In addition, I will soon add new function, but unfortunately this is very difficult, because unfortunately I have little time, so I apologize!
  4. Download

    The download has been changed because a moderator of has mentioned that link is forbidden.

    VERSION 1.4:
    • Bugfixes! Fixed some minor bugs. The plugin should now work properly again!
    • More Config Settings! There are now 7 new entries in the config. These make it possible to de / activate the respective affected function. This was already possible by releasing the corresponding field. This function will now be replaced by the 7 new entries and will not be supported anymore!
    • Rank Settings!? A new configuration file has been introduced....
  6. Spectator system, more settings, minor bug fixes, and much more!

    Version 1.3:
    • There is now a Spectator system, which makes it possible to observe players unnoticed. For other players, the Spectator is invisible, both as a player and in the player list.
    • In the config, it is now possible to specify the message when a player enters or leaves the server. If no message is desired, simply clear the corresponding field. But do not completely remove the syntax!
    • The World Protection has been extended. The player can no longer interact...
  7. Download

    The download is now available on an external website.
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  8. Big update!

    Version 1.2.0:
    • TITLES!!! Title are now supported by the plugin! Titles can be issued if one player dies, one kills another player and one enters the server. All messages are as always in the Config.yml adjustable. If no title is desired, simply leave the corresponding field in the Config.yml empty.
    • Tablist Header and Footer! Now the tablist can be modified! Several lines can be used if desired. So far only texts specified in the Config.yml can be...
  9. Economy support (Vault)

    Some have wished, and now the time has come!

    Version 1.1.0:
    • Now it is possible to pay money to the players. This is possible when one player dies or another kills. The amount of the amount can of course be set in the Config.yml. In addition, two new messages were added to signal that the player has received money and to what amount this relates. To use this feature, you need a money plugin and the Vault plugin. All links can be found in the main...
  10. Adjustable chat format

    In this update, only a small but very interesting feature was added. This feature is likely to be extended with some things, such as Rank Prefix or PermissionEx support.

    Version 1.0.5:

    • The announced chat system is now integrated in the plugin. With this one can set up chat format so far. When a player sends a message, they also see their current level. If the display of the level is not desired, you can simply remove the corresponding entry in the Config.yml.