GunGame 1.1.0


  1. Shop - Create your custom articles!

    VERSION 1.1.0

    + GunGame shop for items, abilities and powerups (open with /gg shop)
    + Developer API to code custom articles for the shop
    + New section in config: ShopArticles (articles must be registered in this list)
    * Default configuration optimized
    * Improved translation
    * NPE, when clicking on a join sign without valid lines
  2. Better configuration, Java 7 and more!

    VERSION 1.0.3

    + Support for Java 7
    + More defaults and examples in config.yml
    + Placeholders for messages and broadcasts (config.yml): You can use %PLAYER% for the current player's name
    + New permission: gg.mod (for team access)
    + Subcommand to view stats of other players (/gg stats <player>; permission: gg.mod)
    + New default prefix