Guns Plugin Beta 1.3

Adds a customizable guns system in Minecraft :D

  1. Afterburner0128
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    This plugin adds highly customizable Guns, Grenades, and Attachments to your Minecraft server. It works similar to the CrackShot Guns plugin, as it uses config files to set your weapons parameters, however this plugin will utilize several configuration files, on every possible aspect of what you can do in spigot. The plugin is in a VERY early development stage, and only contains a few features, and most of the weapons functionality is still incomplete. Updates will be constant, as more content is added, and bugs are fixed. I will also be working on this resource page a lot more.

    A video showing my first version of the plugin (skip to the end), and ignore cringe intro.

    Skip to 10:01 if you like.
    Many features shown are not implemented yet

    Implemented Features:
    - Reload the gun by removing one item
    - Reload the gun by removing multiple items
    - Particle trails for bullets
    - Multiple projectile types
    - Automatic reload (press your drop key to reload manually)
    - Change damage values
    - Shoot, Reload, Out of Ammo, and Hit sounds.
    - Shoot multiple projectiles
    - Chance of weapon jamming
    - Permissions
    - Custom crafting
    - Area damage
    - Lightning strikes
    - Potion effects
    - Custom fireworks
    - Custom particle effects
    - Setblock parameters
    - Explosions

    Planned Features:
    - Scopes
    - Attachments
    - Tactical Lasers
    - Heavy weapons (weapons that slow you down)
    - Light weapons (weapons that add a speed boost)
    - Zooming
    - And much more :D

    - Source Code:
    - REQUIRES Item NBT API 1.3.1:
    - Documentation:
    - Check out my youtube channel (please ignore the cringe intro its going to be changed soon ;))
    - Resource Pack:
    - Resource Pack (With Predicates):

    Working configuration files (don't ask about other configs, as they don't work yet):
    - GunsConfiguration
    - ProjectilesConfiguration
    - ParticlesConfiguration
    - Damage Configuration
    - Settings

    Please Take Into Consideration:
    *Please help me find a better name*
    *More information on resource pack predicates *

    *This plugin is in a VERY VERY EARLY DEVELOPMENT STAGE, weapon mechanics are incomplete, and will not act like the final product whatsoever*
    *For clarification I am not adding individual guns to the game, I am simply setting up the basis for you to create your own in game weapons*
    *This plugin is untested for Bukkit, if it works please tell me*
    *This is my very first uploaded plugin please give feedback, and information on what can be further developed*


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Recent Reviews

  1. IdrisC
    Version: Beta 1.3
    add 1.8 support! What is aa pubic plugin without 1.8 uuhhh a BAD PLUGIN?!!?!??!?!
  2. kraken_
    Version: Beta 1.3
  3. MatsCraft1
    Version: Beta 1.3
    Yo this is a great Start! How about adding information about the ammo to the "Actionbar"? Would be great man, like the caliber and how much ammo is loaded like
    Sturmgewehr 44 (Item Name)
    Caliber; 7,92 × 33 mm, 30/30.
    this would be... just amazing!
  4. dsebelkillz
    Version: Beta 1.3
    Can u send the config of the guns to my skype?

    Skype: itsdendave

    The plugin gives only 1gun and in the video i saw a hole list. Can u send it please.
  5. mansurka64
    Version: Beta 1.3
    ENG:Good Plugin But can u try to make for 1.9+ ? :c
    RU:Хороший плагин но работает с ошибками под 1.9 и ниже
  6. Tieksan
    Version: Beta 1.3
    Perfect! Can you add the database used in your video please ? i'm not so good at this :/ even with your wiki Thank you for this amazing work <3
  7. sd_captain
    Version: Beta 1.3
    pls make this plugin done as fast as you can i need it for my server XD nice plugin anyway im hype XD
  8. EggyRepublic
    Version: Beta 1.3
    Doesn't matter if this is imcomplete, I can always add on to it, but as long as its from afterburner128, you know this is gonna be some serious top quality stuff.
  9. LuckyLuckiest
    Version: Beta 1.3
    One question :)
    How do I remove item predicates ? Im using 1.8 server :)
    REALLY COOL Plugin!
    Keep on the hard work :)
    1. Afterburner0128
      Author's Response
      For item predicates you just set the item data value to 0. Now if you want your gun to have a durability bar for some reason (Uses item predicates) then you set the value to something between 1, and the items max durability.

      For example:
      your gun is a wooden hoe. It has a max durability of 60. If you want to not have a durability bar, the item data will be 0. If you want the item to have a durability bar with a value of 57 uses left, you set the item data to 3 (60-3 = 57). This is useful because item predicates allow you to change the item model, or item texture for every damage value.
  10. ThelpixGamer
    Version: Beta 1.3
    Can you Update to 1.8 please.......................................................................................
    1. Afterburner0128
      Author's Response
      I would love to update to 1.8, however I would have to recode everything from 1.11 to 1.8, and I simply don't have time for that. The plugin should work Im not sure what would need to be changed, the only thing that should not work is the use of item predicates which were implemented in 1.9.