GunSurf 2.3

The other Surf plugin

  1. gasjul
    Translator: zumi
    This plugin is actually in German !
    A translation is coming pretty soon !

    Surf is a very simple game but now I have added Weapons and some other funny blocks.
    • Econ support (Needs Vault and an econ system)
    • Action blocks
    • Some funny weapons when you ran over a Bedrock-Block (Needs CrackShot)
    • Some funny Items

    1. Download the plugin and move it into your plugins folder.
    2. Make you sure that you have the following plugins installed:
    • Vault (Optional)
    • Crack-Shot
    • An Econ system (Optional)
    • Multiverse (Or another world management plugin)
    • WorldEdit + World Guard (or another protection plugin)
    The optional things are for the Econ support !
    3. Build your arena in a world named "GunSurf" (Use Multiverse or a other World plugin) and place the special block from surf (See list)
    4. Set your arena spawn with /setsurfarena

    5. Set your leave point with /setleavepoint (This can be everywhere you want.
    6. Protect the area and disabel drops with WorldGuard.


    Now you can join the game with /gunsurf and leave it with /leave.

    Block List:
    • Bedrock: When you walk over a bedrock block you will get a weapon.
    • Water: When you run over water you will jump high up into the air.
    • Diamond Block: When you run over a diamond block you will get a boost forward.
    • Emerald Block: When you run over a emerald block you will get a boost and you will jump al little bit.
    • Lapis Lazuli: When you run over a lapis lazuli block you will get healed (Cooldown: 1 minute)
    Have fun with the plugin !

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  1. DerMaart99
    Version: 2.3
    Ich denk mal, du bist aus Germany :D

    Cooles Plugin, man sollte nur die Messages, etc mehr anpassen können. Dann gibt es auch auf JEDENFALL 5 Sterne! :)

    Lg und Danke für dieses coole Plugin.