== GWarp == Warp / Home Plugin - [1.7.x - 1.14.x] []

-- Create Warps and Homes with many Features --

  1. goldstarplayer
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    Gecolay (goldstarplayer), JeggerHD, Kaffee_Dose
    Languages Supported:
    English, Chinese, Czech, French, German, Spanish, Norwegian
    Warp / Home - Plugin


    This is a huge Warp and Home Plugin with a lot of Settings and Functions that all can be changed by you in the Plugin-Config and the Lang-Files.

    Now with Support from 1.7.x to 1.14.x!

    Check out my new Plugin: GHolo

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    Special Features:

    100% customizable
    Very good performance

    Safe-Warp Feature

    If the Safe-Warp feature is active, you can teleport to this setup:


    If the Safe-Warp feature is active, you can't teleport to this setup:


    A huge amount of settings to customize!

    Tab-Complete for all Commands
    Can set endless Warps

    Private Homes
    Can set endless Homes

    And many more......



    This Plugin supports a Feature named Safe-Warp!

    You can enable or disable it in the Plugin-Config.

    What is Safe-Warp?

    Safe-Warp checks if a Warp is Safe befor you were teleported to them,
    so you are protected at traps, lava or other ways to kill the teleported Player.

    When is a Warp safe?

    A Warp is safe when 1 Block in each Direction of the Warp-Location is
    Air and the Block under the Warp-Location is a soild Block.



    gwarp (warp):
    • /gwarp <Warpname>
    • /gwarp help
    • /gwarp top
    • /gwarp list <Number>
    • /gwarp set <Warpname>
    • /gwarp delete <Warpname>
    • /gwarp update <Warpname>
    • /gwarp welcome <Warpname> <Text>/clear
    • /gwarp warps [<Playername>]
    • /gwarp lock <Warpname>
    • /gwarp owner <Warpname>
    • /gwarp password <Warpname> [<Password>/clear]
    • /gwarp effect [<Warpname>] [<Effectname>/clear]
    • /gwarp sound [<Warpname>] [<Soundname>/clear]
    agwarp (awarp):
    • /agwarp help
    • /agwarp version
    • /agwarp warp <Playername> <Warpname>
    • /agwarp set <Warpname> <Playername>
    • /agwarp delete <Warpname>
    • /agwarp welcome <Warpname> <Text>/clear
    • /agwarp lock <Warpname>
    • /agwarp setowner <Warpname> <Playername>
    • /agwarp reset <Warpname>/all
    • /agwarp password <Warpname> [<Password>/clear]
    • /agwarp effect [<Warpname>] [<Effectname>/clear]
    • /agwarp sound [<Warpname>] [<Soundname>/clear]
    • /agwarp count <Warpname>
    ghome (home):
    • /ghome <Homename>
    • /ghome set <Homename>
    • /ghome delete <Homename>
    • /ghome update <Homename>
    • /ghome homes: default
    • /ghome back
    gwarpreload (gwrl):
    • /gwarpreload
    • /setgwarp (setwarp):
      • /setgwarp <Warpname>

    • /deletegwarp (deletewarp / delwarp):
      • /deletegwarp <Warpname>

    • /updategwarp (updatewarp):
      • /updatewarp <Warpname>



    Version-Update: GWarp.Update

    • GWarp.Warp.*
    • GWarp.WarpAmount.*
    • GWarp.WarpAmount.<AmountNumber>
    • GWarp.Warp
    • GWarp.WarpTimeIgnore
    • GWarp.WarpTop
    • GWarp.WarpList
    • GWarp.WarpSet
    • GWarp.WarpDelete
    • GWarp.WarpUpdate
    • GWarp.WarpWelcome
    • GWarp.WarpWarps
    • GWarp.WarpWarpsOther
    • GWarp.WarpLock
    • GWarp.WarpLockIgnore
    • GWarp.WarpOwner
    • GWarp.WarpPassword
    • GWarp.WarpEffect
    • GWarp.WarpSound
    • GWarp.WarpPasswordIgnore
    • GWarp.WarpSaveIgnore
    • GWarp.AWarp.*
    • GWarp.AWarp
    • GWarp.AWarpWarp
    • GWarp.AWarpSet
    • GWarp.AWarpDelete
    • GWarp.AWarpUpdate
    • GWarp.AWarpWelcome
    • GWarp.AWarpLock
    • GWarp.AWarpSetOwner
    • GWarp.AWarpReset
    • GWarp.AWarpPassword
    • GWarp.AWarpEffect
    • GWarp.AWarpSound
    • GWarp.AWarpCount
    • GWarp.Home.*
    • GWarp.HomeAmount.*
    • GWarp.HomeAmount.<AmountNumber>
    • GWarp.Home
    • GWarp.HomeTimeIgnore
    • GWarp.HomeSet
    • GWarp.HomeDelete
    • GWarp.HomeUpdate
    • GWarp.HomeHomes
    • GWarp.HomeBack
    • GWarp.GWarpReload


    Code (Text):
      lang: en_en
      check-for-update-on-reload: true
      check-for-update-on-join: true
      use-warp: true
      use-awarp: true
      default-warp-amount: 1
      warp-teleport-cooldown-seconds: 10
      use-safe-warp: false
      use-warp-shortcards: true
      show-all-visitors-reset: true
      warp-list-page-amount: 10
      warp-top-amount: 10
      warp-top-min-visitors: 1
      warp-owner-add-visitor: false
      warp-only-in-world: false
      min-warp-length: 1
      max-warp-length: 20
      min-warp-password-length: 1
      max-warp-password-length: 15
      use-home: true
      default-home-amount: 10
      home-teleport-cooldown-seconds: 0
      min-home-length: 1
      max-home-length: 20
      particle-amount: 50
      particle-offset-x: 1.0
      particle-offset-y: 1.0
      particle-offset-z: 1.0
      particle-speed: 0.5
      sound-volume: 1.0
      sound-pitch: 1.0


    Known Bugs:

    • Currently no bugs are known!
    • If you discover a bug let me know in the discussion area so I can fix it quickly!


    Planned Features:

    Planned Features for new Versions:
    • /agwarp info <Warpname> -> Shows Informations about a Warp
    • /agwarp config <Option> <Status> -> Change Config-Settings with a Ingame Command

    • ...


    Change Language:

    • Set the "Lang.lang"-Option in the Config.yml to your chosen Language

    Add a new Language-File:

    • Copy one of the Lang-Files and Name it like you will
    • Change the Messages in the Lang-File
    • Set the "Lang.lang"-Option in the Config.yml to your created Lang-File





    This Plugin supports the Minecraft Versions:
    1.7.x, 1.8.x, 1.9.x, 1.10.x , 1.11.x, 1.12.x , 1.13.x, 1.14.x

    If you like my Plugin support me with a good Plugin-Rating.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Ayberkk
    Version: []
    Plugin is perfect except one thing, we can't add waiting time before it teleports players. It's such a rich plugin with lots of features but it surprised me that we can't set a waiting time. Please add this function, thanks.
  2. DR_Redrex
    Version: []
    Good plugin but there is no waiting time before the warp and players can still use the plugins commands while in combat,even combat log can't prevent it.
    1. goldstarplayer
      Author's Response
      Stop writing bad Reviews about a Topic you didn't requested before or which is a offiziell Feature named on the Plugin-Overview-Page!
  3. OfficialShad0ws
    Version: []
    i love this plugins, helping me so much. i recommend this plugin, he got other plugins its so nice :)
    1. goldstarplayer
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your positive Review!
  4. Przeszaf
    Version: []
    Everything is perfect! I just have one issue - teleporting to home timeout and home amount limit doesn't seem to be working. I changed them in config file and also in permissions. I use Spigot 1.14.3
    1. goldstarplayer
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your positive Review!
  5. A009i8
    Version: []
    mega plugin, aber kann ich auch ohne permission plugin leute die default sind die rechte geben ?
    1. goldstarplayer
      Author's Response
      Danke für deine positive Bewertung!

      Nein du kannst Rechte leider nur über ein Permission-Plugin verteilen
  6. asdasdawdwad
    Version: []
    Hi im seeing that other also people have trouble giving permissions to other players. Is there a way to give permissions within the plugin? If not which other supported permission plugin should i install?
    1. goldstarplayer
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your positive Review!

      You can use one Permission-Plugin like GroupManager to manage your Permissions.
  7. MrSneips
    Version: []
    Hay 5 Sterne Wen Man mir das nun ordentlich Beantworten Kann
    Ich Allso Admin Mache Jetzt Ein Warp TEST

    der User Möchte Jetzt Zum Warp test Welche Berechtigung Brauch Er Da zu !!

    Translator By Google

    Hay 5 stars Who can answer that now properly
    I Allso Admin Now Do a Warp TEST

    the user now wants to test warp Which permission does he use to !!
    1. goldstarplayer
      Author's Response
      Hey MrSneips du musst deinem User die Berechtigung "GWarp.Warp" geben.
      Die ganze Warp-Berechtigungsliste findest du weiter oben in der Plugin-Beschreibung.
  8. Yoshiwi
    Version: []
    I've put it on my Server and only Admins can use this Plugin. Everytime a NonAdmin wants to warp him somewhere it says something like "you dont have permissions to do that" and now i have no idea what to do i tried to change stuff in config, but nothing changed. Also i redownloaded the Plugin but it still dont work, :/
    But if it would work, the plugin would be great
    1. goldstarplayer
      Author's Response
      Do you have given your Players Permissions with a Permission-Plugin?
      You can see all Plugin-Permissions of GWarp on the Plugin-Overview!
  9. xNicocowx
    Version: []
    Hi! This plugin is amazing and so useful, not to forget its easily customizable settings as well as permissions.

    Although, I do have some complaints:

    - There are some errors in the English translation; I had to correct them myself. If you could review that closely, or ask someone with better English grammar knowledge, that would be great and more professional.

    - The Safe-Warp variable setting in the config isn't "use-safe-warp" like in the config you're showing in this page, but "use-save-warp" -- it's also written like that in the lang file. It still works anyway, but it's not really giving out a professional impression.

    Still, 4 stars for the rest, great work :D keep up.

    1. goldstarplayer
      Author's Response
      I know the English Lang-File is written in a very bad grammer.

      The Safe-Warp-Feature is at the moment only named wrong in the Lang-Files, as I know.
      If your Config shows "use-save-warp" delete your Config and let them recreate with a reload.
  10. themultikill5
    Version: []
    I do love this plugin and the features that come with it. The only big issue is that my friends keep getting the message that they are not allowed to use the commands (home,warp etc.). How do I fix this?
    1. goldstarplayer
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your positive Review!

      Give them Permissions, for example with the Plugin "GroupManager"