HackDetective 0.42

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  1. taylory5
    Hi there, welcome to HackDetective!

    HackDetective was designed by me to be a great anti-hacking plugin that was efficient yet was available at no cost, because honestly, servers have enough fees, why should you have to pay to protect yourself from hackers? Keep in mind that this is a new plugin so do not expect it to be perfect with all its checks and don't especially expect to fully replace some of the other well-known anti-cheat plugins just yet. With that in mind feel free to suggest some other hacks over PM that I should block with this plugin. For any bugs you find please do not leave them in the comments, just once again PM me and I will help you deal with it.

    Current hacks blocked
    • Fast break related
      • Nuker
      • Click Nuker
    • Fast place
    • Spider
    • Forcefield (now with fake players in versions 0.4 and up)
    • Regeneration
    • FastBow
    • FastEat
    • NoSwing attacks
    • HighJump
    • NoFall
    • Speed related
      • FastFall
      • Blink/Teleport
      • Dolphin
      • NoSlowDown

    Hacks in development

    • Fly
    • WaterWalking
    • AutoEat
    • KillAura
    Installation and setup
    HackDetective allows you to enable or disable each individual hack, cancel the hack (basically stop the player), and also set whether you want the people with permission to get a notification when there is a possible hacker. This gives you the ultimate control and makes it truly customizable to suit your needs.


    Commands and permissions
    • /hd or /hackdetective
      • Lists the HackDetective commands
    • Players given the hd.notify permission will be added to the list of players who will get hack a notification (if you enable it of course)
    • Players given the hd.update permission will be told if there is an update found for HackDetective when the log in
    Feel free to PM me with any questions, comments, concerns or ideas you may have. Thank you and have a good day!
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Recent Reviews

  1. coolpvpv
    Version: 0.42
    bad anticheat the regen check falses the step falses with jumping up wool and jumping on the edge of blocks the reach check falses if you stand in a player and hit them theres no fly check except for the ascension check but you can bypass that with just using airjump the speed check is pretty bad the fastplace check falses without even trying just try to place one block and it will false theres no phase check i have a nofall bypass the ascension check falses when you ride a minecart up a rail going three or more blocks high
  2. Sallomy
    Version: 0.42
    I downloaded this plugin and tried 2 hacks on the first one it detected only fly and on the second one it was Wurst It detected nothing please fix
  3. Veritius
    Version: 0.42
    Incredible! Just one thing, I would love this plugin to be configured to only work on some specific worlds! I'm making a world where hackers are allowed to hack.
  4. Asgard
    Version: 0.42
    I think that this plugin has a great future, please keep working on it! We ll wait for more updates like hacks detection config !!
  5. tortoiseman4
    Version: 0.42
    Great plugin, it defiantly worked against my test hacked client (btw i only use it to test hacks against 'MY' server).
  6. Andres25558
    Version: 0.42
    Very good plugin please add all.. Excellent developer
  7. WHfan
    Version: 0.42
    Omg this thing is so good and the fact is free and doesn't give u like 10000 false messages like nocheatplus
  8. Khepton
    Version: 0.42
    update plugin?
    This is Great plugin however you should add something Like//admin/hacker or customizable and when you click that you get a gui that says "Are you sure you want to enable staff or hacker"
  9. Webmets
    Version: 0.42
    Great plugin, covers the basic. but fast bow didn't work for me.
    and you should add a option to warn staff and no the hacker himself. if you fix and add that 5 stars!
  10. SirRoyal
    Version: 0.42
    This Is a Great Plugin however You should add Something Like /admin /hacker or customizable and when you click that you get a gui That says Are You Sure you want to Enable Staff or hacker or admin mode Yes for green no for red and when u enable it you will turn into vanish mode and be giving teleport compass random teleport to a player and knockback tester even tho other cheat plugins have something like this thay are prem and i dont have the money to pay for thim atm and i would like to see this plugin have that Thanks.