Halloween Trick Or Treating 2.4

Lets your players go trick or treating, to celebrate Halloween correctly!

  1. 1.16+ compatibility!

    - Support for crimson and warped doors, which was the only feature missing.
    - There remains one trivial bug that only occurs in very rare (yet reproducible) circumstances involving partially destroyed registered double doors. It will leave an error in the console but note that this will not affect the plugin's performance or affect gameplay.
    - No new translations added this update, unfortunately.
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  2. Spanish translation added

    Default Spanish language file added to langs directory.
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  3. Bug fix and Finnish language support

    - Fixed bug affecting writes to database on door interactions.
    - Added Finnish language file.
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  4. 1.13/1.14 compatibility and new features!

    Version 2.1 adds 1.13/1.14 compatibility, and multiple new features!

    New features:
    - Rewards can now run multiple commands in a row.
    - Rewards can now be weighted.
    - Sound effect while trick or treating can now be changed or disabled!
    - Particle effect while trick or treating can now be changed or disabled!
    - Rewards announcements in chat may be disabled.
    - Multiple languages possible via language files (currently only English provided, more to come in 2.1.1 [French, Spanish, Finnish, and...
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  5. Version 1.1

    • improved error handling
    • prizes now spawn in the middle for double doors, rather than behind one of the doors
    • improved readability of prizelog.txt and config file
    • new default tricks and treats added
    • existing default tricks and treats improved
    • fixed bug where plugin would write to prizelog.txt even if set to false in config
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