Halloween 1.8 ALPHA

Bring Halloween Fun and Scares to your server!

  1. TedTheTechie
    Bringing back Halloween!

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    This fantastic new Halloween plugin, that's currently in it's alpha stages includes a large amount of fun Halloween features for your server, that are completely customized!

    • Smarter Witch Spawn Chance
    • Zombie You on Death
    • Giant Zombie Spawns
    • Permanent Night
    • Random Scares
    • Pumpkin Headed Mobs

    There is probably some bugs, that's why this is in it's ALPHA stages. If you find any bugs, feel free to pm me, and I'd be glad to fix them as soon as I can. Please, write a review on what you think of the plugin so far, and if there's any features that you'd like to see added to the plugin in the future.

    This plugin is 100% configurable on the features, and the spawning rates for certain mobs. You might have to delete your configuration after every update, due to possibly new configurable features or add-ons.

    This plugin is in ALPHA, I am not responsible for anything that happens if you mis-use the plugin.


    Giant Spawn
    Always Night Option (Moon Animated) 2014-10-22_22.35.30.png

    Creatures Spawning with Pumpkin Head 2014-10-22_22.35.42.png

    Better Witch 2014-10-22_22.36.34.png 2014-10-22_22.37.43.png

    Zombie You (Supposed to be Player Head, Won't appear on mobs) 2014-10-22_22.39.17.png
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  1. Maxi-Games
    Version: 1.8 ALPHA
    very good plugin ! I love it !

    pumpkin on geant should be great !

    good work ! thanks ! 10/10 !
  2. Johandrex
    Version: 1.8 ALPHA
    10 out of 10, very halloweeny
    1. TedTheTechie
      Author's Response
      Halloweeny Indeed my friend!
  3. Sequacious
    Version: 1.8 ALPHA
    Love the plugin but the issue I have with it is when using Citizens, it makes all of the statues show up as players in the TAB list. Didn't happen before I used this plugin.
    And when using Holographic Displays, as they're entities, a pumpkin tower appears beneath the holograms.
    Spigot-1.7.9-R0.2-207-g03373bb (Latest Patch)
    Citizens v2.0.13-SNAPSHOT (build 1178)
    Holographic Displays v1.8.7
    Holographic Displays Patch v1.0.7
    1. TedTheTechie
      Author's Response
      Erm, What Statues? There's no statues implemented into this plugin.
  4. Snowfun99
    Version: 1.8 ALPHA
    Great plugin Ted!

    Can't wait to see more plugins from you, you're a great developer!