HaoNick | Advanced Nick Plugin | 1.8 - 1.16 3.0.1

A good implementation of my own NickAPI for the users

  1. Haoshoku
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16

    Discord: https://haoshoku.xyz/go/discord
    HaoNick is an advanced nick plugin that allows player to change their name, uuid, skin, gameprofile name.
    It also includes MySQL support that lets you keep your nickname through BungeeCord servers which is an awesome feature.

    I think I do not need to create a whole documentation. The config.yml itselfs says everything. :)
    Use /nick to get further information about that. Everything can be changed in the config.yml.

    You need these dependencies if you want to use this plugin:

    Code (Text):
    # HaoNick by Haoshoku
    # Join our discord server: http://haoshoku.xyz/go/discord | Haoshoku#1507

    # Basic settings for HaoNick

    # Use %player% for the name of player. It should work everywhere except permission-check.

      # Set a cooldown for nick in milliseconds, example: 2 sec = 2000ms cooldown
      nick_cooldown: 2000

      # If you set this to true, the player will see his own changed skin (1.8 - 1.16)
      skin_changing_for_player: true

      # Permission for nick (skin+tag)
      permission_full_nick: 'haonick.full.nick'

      # Permission for nick (tag)
      permission_nick: 'haonick.nick'

      # Permission for random nicking (tag+skin)
      permission_random: 'haonick.random'

      # Permission for skin change
      permission_skin: 'haonick.skin'

      # Permission for /nickreload
      permission_nick_reload: 'haonick.reload'

      # Permission for /nicklist
      permission_nick_list: 'haonick.list'

      # If you activated mysql and use BungeeCord, people will keep their nicked name in the other server.
      # People are gonna use the other name if you give them this permission
      permission_mysql_nick: 'haonick.mysql.nick'

      # If you set this to true, the nicked name will be showed in ChatEvent
      chat_event: true

      # The chat for nicked players. It only works if you enable chat_event
      nick_chat: '&a%player%&f: %message%'

      # Nicked player scoreboard prefix
      nick_prefix: '&4Nicked '

      # Should HaoNick create a new scoreboard? If you set it to false, it will use the main scoreboard
      new_scoreboard: true

      # Nicked player scoreboard color ( ChatColor: https://hub.spigotmc.org/javadocs/spigot/org/bukkit/ChatColor.html )
      nick_color: 'RED'

      # Nicked player scoreboard suffix
      nick_suffix: ''

      # Random nicknames
        - 260k
        - Gina100
        - ReconBox
        - w6sted
        - ArdoisseQui
        - norbertn
        - jnaScouf
        - WillisBlackburn
        - MrField1
        - COBFATHER

      # The names that are in the blacklist cannot be used
        - Notch

      # MySQL support for BungeeCord servers. If you activate it and nick in server x, the nick will be used on server y too.
        active: false
        host: 'localhost'
        port: '3306'
        database: 'nick'
        user: 'root'
        password: '123456'
        table: 'nick'

      # What should be changed exactly if player joins another server? Should a message be sent? Set to null if you want to remove msg.
        uuid: true
        tag: true
        skin: true
        game_profile: true
        message: '%prefix% &aYour nickname is &e%name%'

    # Messages, nicknames, etc.
      prefix: '&5HaoNick &8|&5'
      no_player: '%prefix% &cYou must be a player to execute this command'
      no_permission_full_nick: '%prefix% &cYou do not have the permissions to use full nick'
      no_permission_nick: '%prefix% &cYou do not have the permissions to use nick (tag)'
      no_permission_random: '%prefix% &cYou do not have the permissions to use random nick'
      no_permission_skin: '%prefix% &cYou do not have the permissions to use skin change'
      no_permission_nick_reload: '%prefix% &cYou do not have the permissions to reload the config'
      no_permission_unnick: '%prefix% &cYou do not have the permissions to unnick'
      no_permission_nick_list: '%prefix% &cYou do not have the permissions to list up all names'
      blacklist_message: '%prefix% &cThis name is blacklisted'
      nick_usage: '%prefix% &e/nick clear|unnick|remove - Removes your nick%line%%prefix% &e/nick <Name> - Full nick%line%%prefix% &e/nick random - Random nick (full nick)%line%%prefix% &e/nick tag <Name> - Only changes your name above skin (tag)%line%%prefix% &e/nick skin <Name> - Only changes your skin'
      unnick_message: '%prefix% &cYou removed your nick'
      no_nicked_players: '%prefix% &cNo nicked players'
      nick_list_begin: '%prefix% &eNicked players:'
      nick_cooldown_message: '%prefix% &cPlease wait a little bit until you are using this command again'

      # %oldName% -> original name of player
      # %newName% -> new name of player
      nick_list: '%prefix% &e%oldName% &7-> &e%newName%'

      # This message will be sent if you use the full nick feature (tag+skin changing)
      full_nick_message: '%prefix% &aYour new nickname is &e%name%'

      # This message will be sent if player uses random nick freature (tag+skin changing)
      random_nick_message: '%prefix% &aYour new random nickname is &e%name%'

      # This message will be sent if you only change the tag name of the player
      nick_message: '%prefix% &aYour new nickname is &e%name%'

      # This message will be sent if you only change your skin
      skin_message: '%prefix% &aYou have the skin of &e%name% &anow'

      # This message will be sent for the second++ players if a nick is already being used
      nick_exists_message: '%prefix% &cThis nick is already being used'

      # This message will be sent if player executes the command /nickreload
      nick_reload_message: '%prefix% &aYou successfully reload the config'

      # This message will be called if a player name joins the server with the name that a player has been nicked
      nick_invalid_message: '%prefix% &cYou have been unnicked automatically because of your nicked name joined the server'


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    Plugin works awesome. Support is great.
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    works great :)

    80 characters, why spigotmc XD
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    Well, this plugin is fantastic, it works very well, but need placeholders for more personalization. 9/10