Harbor - A Sleep Enhancement Plugin! 1.6.1

Harbor is a plugin that redefines sleep within your Spigot server!

  1. ⚡ Fix TPS loss on player join (oop)

    Hey there! It's not been long since the previous Harbor update, but there's already a bug (of course, lol). Anyways, this one is kind of important.

    If you have the auto update notifier enabled, your server will experience moderate to severe player join lag with Harbor. This update will fix that! Make sure to update to keep your 1.14 performance as good as it can be (1.14 is pretty bad as is, so anything helps).

    If you haven't updated to Harbor 1.6 yet, you definitely should!...
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  2. The update that changed everything!

    Hey everyone! I am proud to announce, after too much wait, Harbor 1.6! Finally, a Harbor release that is hopefully not going to have game breaking bugs (yay!)


    You can go ahead and look in the changelog section for the details, but in short- the whole plugin is now based on a timer system, which means a lot of older bugs with inaccurate player sleep counts and broken multi-world support are now resolved!

    I hope that this new release will be...
  3. Hotfixes!

    Hey there, super quick update! This version introduces some important fixes, mainly fixing dependencies in the autoupdater and a single nullpointerexception bug. You may notice that the plugin is now quite a lot larger (256KB up from 4KB) and that is a result of me including commons-io (a dependency required for the autoupdater) into the final Harbor JAR. I plan to slim down the dependencies in later versions, but for now this will do!

    I swear more cool new features will come in later...
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  4. ⏰ Timer fixes!

    I was notified that actionbar hasn't been working since 1.5, and I found the issue today! This update is fairly small, but it does fix the actionbar and timer system once and for all! You can easily auto-update to this release from 1.5.1 by running /harbor update! Enjoy :)
  5. Super quick hotfixes! 1.14.3 support!

    Hey ya'll, it's been AGES since the last update. When I initially released version 1.5 of Harbor, I was planning to create a more functional and stable version of Harbor. However, things went wrong quickly - bugs such as the night skip glitch and updater issue were just a handful.

    That being said, this update does not aim to add any new features, but rather serve as a stable ground for Harbor updates in the future. I suggest updating to this update immediately for those running on 1.5! More...
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  6. Phew, this is a big one...


    Hey there! I've been gone for quite a while (as far as updates go). I've been very busy working on the next generation of Harbor (man, that sounds too fancy for just a Spigot plugin)! You all have been waiting for this plugin since I promised it back in November-ish of 2018, and it has been a while since then. But here I am, finally announcing the release of Harbor 1.5!

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  7. OP bypass fix!

    Yeah, I know, I know. Everyone has been telling me about this all over the place. But today I decided to fix it :D.

    Now, the bypass function can be properly disabled in config! Now you can all *sleep* at night!

    *Also, several people have reported an issue where the plugin spams the console. I haven't been able to reproduce the issue, so hopefully it doesn't happen too often :/*
  8. A Hotfix for an.. erm... Hotfix?

    Hey everyone, once again! I recently discovered, with the help of cjucoder on GitHub, that there is a glaring issue with the latest hotfix! Basically, when an operator would get in bed, the plugin would pretty much just kill itself.. so that's nice I suppose. Anyways, sorry for the back to back updates but I just want to make sure that everything it smooth! :)

    Also, thanks for 500+ downloads! You guys rock!
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  9. Hotfix for 1.13.2!

    Hey there, it's been a while! Don't worry, I have heard all of your complaints about Harbor's compatibility issues with 1.13.2. Unfortunately, some core things were changed in Spigot that altered the way bed entry works. Good news is, I got it to work again! Thanks to Synt3x over at the GitHub for helping come up with a fix! Just a quick heads up: I am planning to add a lot of new features to Harbor that should make it the only sleep plugin you'll ever...
  10. Major improvements!


    Howdy! It's been ages since I last posted a much needed update. I've gotten many messages about the bugs present in version 1.3.2 (and earlier), prompting for a major overhaul!

    But first off, thank you all for 200 downloads!

    Anyways, in version 1.4, I've been working on this *amazing* selection of updates:

    - Recoded and...
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