Hardcore+ Gamemode! vRelease-1.6

A great plugin to add if you would like a really hard Minecraft experience.

  1. Shreyas007
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Shreyas Ayyengar
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    This plugin makes everything that you do in Minecraft extremely harder! It makes mobs overpowered, extremely low block drops, and better mob AI! It also disables some crafting recipes. If you are able to beat the game, please PM me your time and/or video evidence! I will post them on this page!

    1. saturncity: 4 hours, 6 minutes, 25 seconds, 1 millisecond

    A brief explanation of the plugin:
    This plugin alters Minecraft's game mechanics. All types of wood logs (except for stripped wood) all have a 0.07 percent chance of dropping the actual item. (Eg, if you mine a Birch Log, there is a 0.07 percent chance of dropping birch log)

    Gravel has an even rarer chance of dropping FLINT which is a 0.005 percent chance of dropping flint!

    Zombies, Husks, Skeletons and Strays are all equipped with Full Diamond armor, which the enchantment of Protection at a level of 100. They do not drop anything if you try to kill them.

    Piglins and Zombified Piglins are wearing full NETHERITE armor and do not drop anything when they are killed.

    You cannot craft any type of axe!
    You cannot craft fletching tables or brewing stands.

    Buckets break as soon as you empty them!

    Beds explode in the overworld, however, in the nether and in the end, you can safely sleep. (Very buggy, don't try it until it's fixed)

    Breaking any type of planks drops crying obsidian :(

    Breaking a crafting table, or a furnace will drop crying obsidian.

    Enderman have a reduced chance of 0.25 of dropping a pearl on death.

    When you break an item that has a low drop percent chance, most of the time, you will receive a fun little book!

    This plugin doesn't use permissions, as it's designed to be a fun little add on to either and SMP, or a simple speedrun!

    If you have any feature requests, please PM them to me! DO NOT use the review sections to post bugs, requests, or questions. Please PM those to me!

    This plugin comes from the goodness of my "heart" and if you really enjoyed it, please consider donating to help my developing journey!

Recent Reviews

  1. JakeJacobYT.
    Version: vRelease-1.4
    Its a Easy very easy easy.... Gamemode... Dont touch zombies...so uh... dont try this at home.....

    @Dream play this u wont
    1. Shreyas007
      Author's Response
      Thank you!
  2. 5Stars
    Version: vRelease-1.3
    it's an absolutely great idea to add such interesting and new possibilities to boring and simple Minecraft! I hope that work on this plugin will continue.

    Hope that
    Support for older Bukkit/Spigot versions like 1.8 > 1.9 > 1.10 > 1.11 > 1.12 > 1.13 > 1.14
    will be added!
    1. Shreyas007
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your review! I will definitely (x2) look into multi-version support!
  3. saturncity
    Version: vRelease-1.3
    very cool and i love this gamemode so much. thanks for fixing the bug developer very active and very smart join my server wangworld.minehut.gg he is a good dev on it
  4. saturncity
    Version: vRelease-1.2
    Very Fun Gamemode 5/5 Would Play Again. adding more features would be nice, maybe you can find a way to enable axes (I dont know why they are disbaled)
    1. Shreyas007
      Author's Response
      Thank you, axes are disabled to prevent players from acquiring stripped wood!
  5. wormecode
    Version: vRelease-1.2
    Its very funny that player can get books with joks!

    All in all this plugin very interesting! I hope that author add even more feature to make this gamemode look like standalone. Also will be helpfull if this plugin come with more version support
    1. Shreyas007
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your rating! It means a lot to me! Could you PM me or msg me on discord @Shreyas#5904 about any extra features you would like to see!