HardcorePlus 0.1.4

Enhances the vanilla Minecraft hardcore experience by degrading players' max health on death.

  1. HardcorePlus 0.1.4

    Bug fixes and minor tweaks
    • increased weakness after death to 3 minutes 30 sec

    • /hardcoreplus commands are accessible from server console now

    • if hardcore is not set in server.properties console will be notified

    • fixed bug with setmax command always settings to 10 hearts

    • fixed bug with fire and potion effects persisting after death

    • fixed bug with setmax command allowing use of negative numbers

    • fixed bug with setmax command...
  2. HardcorePlus 0.1.2

    Users can now restore their max hp by killing the ender dragon.

    [May 15 2019]

    • Added blood effect on hit
    • Corrected creeper instakill bug
    • Added sound effect to death
    • Added admin permission
    • Ender dragon kill event
    • Started admin commands
    [May 13 2019]
    • Changed health lost from 1 to 2 hearts.
    • Changed DeathEvent to EntityDamagedEvent
    • Death is no longer announced.
    • "Dream" effect created.

    Permissions added:...