HardcorePlus 1.0.3

Enhances the vanilla Minecraft hardcore experience by degrading players' max health on death.

  1. HardcorePlus 1.0.3 - Totem Fix

    This update improves plugin stability by fixing how totems work with HardcorePlus enabled.

    Tested and confirmed working on Spigot 1.14.4
    Please delete your old config.yml when updating to ensure your settings are up to date.
    • Fixed an issue with totems working incorrectly
    • Added config options for Totem fix
    Thanks to @AleksanderEvensen for the fix

    Feel free to contribute on...
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  2. HardcorePlus 1.0.2

    Corrects issues still prevalent with dying in a dimension other than the overworld.

    Tested and confirmed by @NotToBlame
  3. HardcorePlus 1.0.1

    Thanks @NotToBlame for helping find the following bugs.
    NOTE: Delete your old config before using the new version.
    • Fixed a suffucation bug when dying in a dimension other than the overworld.
    • Fixed an issue with /hardcoreplus command crashing when plugin is disabled.
    • Fixed a bug with /hardcoreplus setmax command.
    • Custom state management, since disabling the plugin was buggy.
    • Maxhealth is reset on final death, incase...
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  4. Major release 1.0.0

    HardcorePlus 1.0.0

    This plugin has came a long way, only with the help of this community.
    Thanks to @OnyxianSoul for hardcorecheck() rework suggestion.
    • Plugin completely re written
    • Servers must now have hardcore enabled in server.properties.
    • Fixed bug with extra "invisible" health after max health is updated.
    • Source cleaned and using more oop, compartmentalized
    • Spigot api updated to spigot-api:1.14.1

    • Added option to temp ban on...
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  5. HardcorePlus 0.1.8

    Sorry for the wait.
    HardcorePlus 0.1.8 corrects some minor annoyances and finally introduces the configuration system.

    Thank you to @LucasLogical for finding the following bugs.
    • Fixed bug with shields not working properly
    • Fixed bug with blood effect showing through shields
    • New command: /hardcoreplus reload - reloads the config.yml
    • Config system complete
    • Config options for toggling: bloodEffect, respawnSound, respawnEffect, respawnWeakness...
  6. HardcorePlus 0.1.4

    Bug fixes and minor tweaks
    • increased weakness after death to 3 minutes 30 sec

    • /hardcoreplus commands are accessible from server console now

    • if hardcore is not set in server.properties console will be notified

    • fixed bug with setmax command always settings to 10 hearts

    • fixed bug with fire and potion effects persisting after death

    • fixed bug with setmax command allowing use of negative numbers

    • fixed bug with setmax command...
  7. HardcorePlus 0.1.2

    Users can now restore their max hp by killing the ender dragon.

    [May 15 2019]

    • Added blood effect on hit
    • Corrected creeper instakill bug
    • Added sound effect to death
    • Added admin permission
    • Ender dragon kill event
    • Started admin commands
    [May 13 2019]
    • Changed health lost from 1 to 2 hearts.
    • Changed DeathEvent to EntityDamagedEvent
    • Death is no longer announced.
    • "Dream" effect created.

    Permissions added:...