Harvest XP 13.0-SNAPSHOT

A plugin that provides experience when harvesting resources like beetroot, potato, wheat, etcetera.

  1. 1.16.1 Support

    This update is simply to allow for version 1.16.1 support.
  2. 1.12-SNAPSHOT | Priority Update

    This is a release for version 1.12 with a single change
    • The harvest XP plugin should now execute after the WorldGuard and GriefPrevention plugins and check if those plugins cancelled the block break event. If so, no XP will be gained.
  3. 1.11-SNAPSHOT | Sugar cane removed

    Update to version 1.11
    • Removed sugar cane support. Did not fully understand how the age system worked for it.
  4. 1.10-SNAPSHOT | Severe bug fix

    Update to version 1.10
    • Fixed an issue with Ageable being wrapped by CraftBlockData so getClass() != wouldn't work, forced to use instanceof unfortunately.
  5. 1.9-SNAPSHOT | Fixed severe bug | Sugar cane added

    Update to version 1.9
    • Fixed a critical bug that allowed any crop to be harvested and XP gained regardless of age. I apologise, I was not aware of the age concept.
    • Fixed a logical bug (accident) that prevented the tool required command not to work.
    • Added sugar cane as a harvestable crop.
    • Changed default required values from 10 to 16 except for melons and pumpkins which are 16.
    • Tool is now required by default.
  6. 1.8-SNAPSHOT | Dependency issue resolved.

    Update 1.8
    • Dependency issue resolved.
  7. 1.7-SNAPSHOT | Permissions fixed

    Update to 1.7 of harvest_xp plugin
    • Fixed a permission issue. By default requires OP or assignment of harvestxp.config.
  8. 1.6-SNAPSHOT | OP not required by default

    Update to version 1.6
    • OP is not required by default however harvestxp.config can be used to require access to the command.
  9. 1.5-SNAPSHOT | Permissions (default: OP)

    Update to version 1.15
    • Added support for permissions (harvestxp.config) which allow restriction to these commands. By default it requires "op" or "operator" permission.
    • Added website to config.yaml for ease of access if needed.
  10. 1.4-SNAPSHOT | Tool type reduction

    Update to version 1.4.
    • Implemented tool type reduction which allows certain tools to reduce the number of required harvests based on how good they are. (enabled by default)
    • Command tab event updated which should make typing commands a bit less cluttered and easier.
    • Command added to change the state of whether tool type reduces the harvest required for xp.
    • Cleaned up the code a bit.