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  1. RE-DONE

    Everything has been changed in this as of 2.0.0A they're is no longer Permission for the kick if maintenance mode is on. now you must do /mm add <playername> they can be either online or offline. To remove them its /mm rem <playername> both commands without the < > symbols

    Everything should work as it has been tested by both TwilightGamerPro and Pirate_James as they "was" my test subjects to it.

    2 new arguments have been added /mm list which will now list everyone in the list, and /mm fixmml This argument just deletes the entire list so that won't be in version 2.0.0B.

    German version is now fully updated to this version.

    Once 2.0.0+ Is stable enough we will re-unlock the paste source for it, but since we skipped version 1.9.9 and below till 1.3.2A we had new things in the paste source that we didn't want released yet so thats why its locked and still is till further notice

    If they're are any bugs please Private message me with the bug and line so that we may fix the issue for you and for others!
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