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  1. Has moved

  2. Entire rewrite

    Hello everyone, yes i was able to get around to rewriting this for 1.16

    This one now runs based off of the player's uuid in a global uuid bypass list.
    So if the player tries to connect while you have maintenance enabled they will get prompted with a kick message "Server is in maintenance. Check back later" and this is executed on the connect and not on the join event.

    I'm not 100% certain if it works for lower versions if so please let me know in the disc section.
  3. RE-DONE

    Everything has been changed in this as of 2.0.0A they're is no longer Permission for the kick if maintenance mode is on. now you must do /mm add <playername> they can be either online or offline. To remove them its /mm rem <playername> both commands without the < > symbols

    Everything should work as it has been tested by both TwilightGamerPro and Pirate_James as they "was" my test subjects to it.

    2 new arguments have been added /mm list which will now list everyone in the list, and /mm...
  4. 1.3.2A

    Sorry for not posting any updates in awhile so here is a new one for y'all. Added to where when a staffname is added to the options in the skript it will send them a title and subtitle in game letting them know that maintenance mode is on for only 10 seconds after a wait 5 ticks on connect!
    Skript must have https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/skrayfal
    Skyrayfall or skellete for the skript to work now!...
  5. Few changes made

    Changed it so your allowed to change the maintenance mode on and off messages that are broadcasted when toggled.

    Update won't be added to the german language skript until a few days or so later!
  6. Fixed the broken stuff

    K everything should be fixed now i hope!!!
    and mmk has now been removed
  7. Some changes have been made


    Suggested these changes/ideas and they have been accepted so things have been changed a bit so now if the players do not have the permission mm.bypass when the /mm on is run it will kick the ones that do not and won't to the ones that have it! also the commands are still changeable at any time :) so it doesn't mess with other plugins u have or skripts you have that use our commands :)

    Enjoy and thanks to ShaneBee again...
  8. Added a new command

    a new command was added that can be customized,

    which is /mmk <- kicks everyone off the server when u run the /mm on, then u'll run the command /mmk.

    -==What to be coming soon in the upcoming updates==-

    a rework of the mmk command so it runs when u launch/run the command /mm on or when u change the command.

    custom ideas and changes that people would like to see added.