HatGUI [Discontinued] 5.1b

Use blocks, custom items and heads as a hat with this GUI

  1. Fixed permissions issues!

    • Fixed permissions issues: Editing hats permissions wasn't working correctly, as it wasn't saving the hats information, so they weren't saved properly. Adding hats and this things change the file, so people was only able to save permissions on hats after adding or removing one on a collection.
  2. Fixed issues + New default settings!

    • Commands edition fixed: On the previous version, the settings weren't set on the Config.yml file so nobody was able to edit the information of the commands.
    • New permission (HatGUI.GUI.All): Use this permission to allow players to use /hg and get an inventory with all items on all collections.
    • Global command to set items (/hg setitem): Now there's only one command to set the items of a...
  3. Fixed issues + Added remove block on plugin!

    + Added remove block on plugin per menu: Now you don't need the addon to get the remove button, you only have to set it with the command on the collection you wish to have it.
    + Added blocks removal: Now, if your hand is empty, you can remove the GUI and remove blocks from a collection if you wish to remove them.
    + Added metrics: Now the plugin will send data like MMOHorses, but the only data I'll use is the amount of players and the amount of servers using my plugin.
    * Fixed issues with...
  4. New HatGUI release!

    + Added Hats code to HatGUI: Now part of the code from Hats, the plugin made for developers, is included on HatGUI.
    + Added addons: Now you can create your own addons, as you can put or not the remove button by using the HatAddons.jar file.
    + Compatibility with 1.16.1: Now the plugin is compatible with the latest version, but it's not tested with <1.11.2 versions.
    * Fixed some bugs: Some of the bugs from the 4.0 version has been fixed.

    Take care of this update. It has not been tested...
  5. HatGUI 4.0 - New version!

    - Optimized system
    - Hat system changes
    - More custom things
    - More support on the plugin (Like previously I lost the repository)
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  6. Fixed another bug

    * Fixed bug when you try to remove a hat and it remove another hat and doesn't change the page.
  7. New bug fixed

    * Bug fixed when you have more pages, if you have pages of more than 9 objects, it stills moving only 9 hats on every page.
  8. HatGUI 3.8

    * (not tested but I think) fixed error when you click outside the menu
  9. HatGUI 3.7

    Sorry, I was a little bit absent from all, I was working as a developer on a server and I was doing my homeworks on the school and studying. I didn't had time to check all and I couldn't do anything.

    *Fixed: Problem with Helmet prevention
  10. New update

    * Fixed Prevent Helmet Remove bug
    + Added New parameter on SurvivalOptions, auto-equip-drop: Equips a dropped hat automatically if the player has got no helmet and the hat permissions