HatGUI 5.1b

Use blocks, custom items and heads as a hat with this GUI

  1. relampagorojo93
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16

    Backgrounds from freepik
    Emojis from rawpixel and freepik
    Yellow background designed by Creative_hat / Freepik
    Font from 1001fonts

    HATGUI 5.0A
    HatGUI has been updated to 5.0a, with some changes on his code. Now it implements part of the system that MMOHorses actually uses, like commands customization and help messages customization. Also some of the systems have been repaired and changed a little bit.

    HatGUI will include constant support, that you can get on my Discord server. Previously I didn't update the plugin on Spigot, just I gave support privately to people that reported issues with the plugin, but now HatGUI will have support officially.

    Now HatGUI implements the API system that uses Hats, so you can create addons that can include buttons, subcommands, and can listen or execute code like a normal plugin to create your own functions on HatGUI. This part includes the split of the remove hat button, that now is include as an addon.

    Also, the plugin should be working on the latest Spigot version, but remember that items sometimes can't be parsed to new versions, so usually you should have to remove all the hats from the plugin but, before, make a copy of the items that you created to let Spigot parse this items on a chest or on your inventory.

    Remember to keep a copy of your server just in case, or at least a copy of HatGUI, to make sure you can go back if there are issues with the new 5.0a version.

    - Menu GUI with the hats
    - Addons API for developers
    - Command to open the Menu GUI
    - GUI customization
    - Join item for the GUI

    - Command to reload the configuration
    - Command to add or remove hats on the different collections
    - Custom messages
    - Possibility to hide items that you don't have access to them

    Tutorials are now outdated, but I'm still trying to get a new PC to create some videotutorials, and also I'll create a new wiki on GitBook instead of on GitHub as before.

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Recent Reviews

  1. YouthInRevolt
    Version: 5.0a
    Was super excited to see that this plugin has been updated. It's working great but it's a shame we have to use an addon for a remove hat option. Which in my opinion should be automatically in the plugin itself so people aren't stuck with hats on their heads.
    1. relampagorojo93
      Author's Response
      Sorry for this changes, but it was like a fast way to make the remove button on a way people can plug or unplug it. For the next updat I'll make sure to implement it on the plugin in a way people can disable it in case somebody doesn't want it. Remember that you have the Discord server or the resource thread to post more suggestions ^^
  2. LuffySama
    Version: 4.0
    Como puedo hacer que no se quiten el sombrero desde el inventario, ya se ha vuelto una tortura T.T
    1. relampagorojo93
      Author's Response
      Tienes Discord? Hace tiempo que ofrezco soporte de forma privada, aun asi, estoy mirando de volver a actualizar el plugin
  3. MrCobayo
    Version: 4.0
    El plugin es excelente, funciona sin ningun problema, y el desarrollador es super atento. Muy recomendable si tenes sombreros con modelos 3D en tu pack de texturas.
  4. CorruptedSoul
    Version: 3.8.2
    Really useful for all servers that use 3D models as hats!.
    Plugin developed very well, with some interesting and very useful details.
    Congratulation to the developer!
    1. relampagorojo93
      Author's Response
      ty a lot ^^ also I changed a lot about my codes, it stills have an old style so, if I can one day redo this plugin, I'll try to make it better.
  5. Harrio
    Version: 3.8.2
    Awesome plugin, It's very rewarding to players to win a custom hat in game. =)
    Five Stars for the dev' !
  6. ProMoRRom
    Version: 3.8.2
    Agrega esto: si un jugador abre el inventario y se quita el sombrero manualmente, que el sombrero desaparezca.

    Así evita que los jugadores se roben los sombreros
    1. relampagorojo93
      Author's Response
      ya hay una opcion para que no puedan quitarselo de la cabeza a no ser que sea con el inventario
  7. jeane1
    Version: 3.8
    Good plugin. Good support.
    Has all the necessary functions.

    I use 3d hats on my server and players are happy !!!
  8. Bakanauj
    Version: 3.5
    Love the plugin, I use it on my server with 3D models.
    Highly recommended for those using non-block items as hats. Always being updated.
  9. Bakanauj
    Version: 3.4
    Love the plugin, I use it on my server with 3D models.
    Highly recommended for those using non-block items as hats.
  10. AgustinEzequiel2
    Version: 2.2
    good plugin, can you add screenshots?

    1. relampagorojo93
      Author's Response
      Yeah, I will try, I'm a little bit busy with some works