Hawk Anticheat (MC 1.7.10 & 1.8.8) [REWRITTEN] BETA 1902.4

A free anticheat for legacy versions of Spigot.

  1. Improvements

    FIXED: Configuration values for "tickrate" should not be listed under "clockspeed"
    ADDED: SprintDirection check
    FIXED: Yet another knockback false-positive
    FIXED: Small thread management issue with async checking
    REMOVED: FightCriticals check. 1) Critcals hacks should already be handled by movement checks. 2) Too many false-positives.
    NOTE: Slightly improved Speed check during PvP. This should impact a handful of kill-auras out there.
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  2. New Anti-velocity check

    ADDED: Anti-velocity check
    FIXED: More knockback false positives

    I'm really proud to release this anti-velocity check. It isn't perfect, but I haven't found many false-positives so far, and it seems accurate. By default, this check is disabled. If you want to try it out, you should enable it under the configuration. Just look for "antivelocity" under "checks". Don't worry! The configuration is auto-generated now.
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  3. Bugfixes

    FIXED: Async thread not terminating on plugin disable
    FIXED: Ladders and vines false-flagging for small-hop
    FIXED: Some false-positves regarding knockback
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  4. Implement Asynchronous Checking

    You can now move all the checking to a separate thread to alleviate load from the network thread. Just enable "asyncChecking" in the configuration file. Use at your own risk. Hawk will not prevent cheating when this option is enabled. You will not receive any support for any bypasses you encounter while this option is enabled.
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  5. Rewrite

    The entire framework has been rewritten along with most checks. The project is now open-source, so anyone can contribute.

    Users upgrading to at least this version should regenerate their configuration. The configuration is now automatically generated.
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  6. Hotfixes

    - Possibly fixed an NPE in the interact raytrace check due to a null AABB.
    - Possibly fixed a false positve and glitch regarding cancelled teleports.
    - Completely removed ProtocolLib as a dependency. You must run on 1.7.10 or 1.8.x
    - GUI is now disabled in config by default. (If yours is already enabled, Hawk won't disable it)

    No changes were made to the configuration.
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  7. Improvements and fixes

    - ADDED: Command to exempt players from checks
    - ADDED: Cracked Vape check
    - Renamed Nuker check to Creative Fastbreak check
    - ADDED: Survival Fastbreak check
    - Fixed an NPE in 1.7.10 servers caused by interacting through blocks with small hitboxes.

    There has been changes to the configuration file.

    Under notifications, you may want to add a line for survival nuker, like this:
    Code (Text):
    nukerSurvival: "&7%player% failed survival block break speed. VL: %vl%"
    Add this anywhere in the...
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  8. Minor Nofall fix and performance improvements

    - FIXED: A Nofall false positive.
    - Possibly optimized move checking a bit.
    - ADDED: Ability to toggle in-game GUI via config

    Make a new line anywhere in your config with this in it (preferably near the beginning of the config):
    Code (Text):
    gui: true
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  9. SmashHit integration and bugfixes

    - REMOVED: Enderpearl wall-glitch fix (no, this fix isn't for enderpearl glitching/abusing)
    - ADDED: Support for SmashHit asynchronous hit detection plugin.
    - REMOVED: ProtocolLib as a required dependency (if running 1.7.10 - 1.8.x)
    - ADDED: Permission "hawk.bypass.*"
    - FIXED: NoClassDefFound (IBlockAccess) error in 1.7.10 when interacting with blocks
    - FIXED: A few more NPEs when reloading

    When using SmashHit, it is imperative that you set the max-reach to 10 or more in the SmashHit...
  10. Bugfixes

    - FIXED: Command execution parser.
    - FIXED: Hawk fails to successfully start on 1.7 servers.
    - Nuker now checks for players in any gamemode; not just creative.
    - FIXED: A false positive when getting shot by a punch enchanted bow.
    - FIXED: A small command bug, in which running /hawk unmute/ban will reply twice if the target is offline.
    - Inertia can now cancel moves.

    Added "cancel" value under inertia in the configuration.
    Code (Text):
    #Inertia (hawk.bypass.inertia) (EXPERIMENTAL)
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