Hawk Anticheat (MC 1.7.10 & 1.8.8) BETA 2008

A free anticheat for legacy versions of Spigot.

  1. An overdue update

    It's been over 8 months since an update! Thanks for waiting, it's well worth it. A handful of movement false positives have been fixed.

    REWROTE: Fly
    ADDED: Step
    ADDED: permission "hawk.bypassresync" which will stop all rubberbands/resyncs from the anticheat. Some checks will attempt to setback/resync, but there are also parts in the base which will attempt to do that, too. Prior to this update, there was no way to prevent the base from resyncing the player. Very useful for anticheat testing servers.
    REMOVED: SmallHop
    REMOVED: FastFall
    REMOVED: SwimVertical
    DISABLED: MultiAction until further notice
    ENABLED: Strafe (reset strafe config)
    IMPROVED: Inertia
    IMPROVED: TickRate significantly (reset tickrate config)
    IMPROVED: teleport handling significantly
    FIXED: a logic error in AimbotHeuristic
    FIXED: a GroundSpoof false positive
    FIXED: a possible Fly false when logging in
    FIXED: movement false positives when sprint jumping under 2-block-high tunnels
    FIXED: some Strafe falses
    FIXED: some SprintDirection falses
    FIXED: MultiAction false while eating golden apples
    FIXED: %vl% not working in punishCommands
    FIXED: some movement falses regarding pistons
    FIXED: FightHitbox false positives while in a vehicle
    FIXED: movement falses when exiting vehicles
    FIXED: groundspoof falses when exiting beds
    FIXED: cannot unban/unmute a player with the hawk commands.

    ...and probably some others that I forgot.
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