Hawk Anticheat (MC 1.7.10 & 1.8.8) BETA 1911

A free anticheat for legacy versions of Spigot.

  1. Movement improvements

    NOTE: Rewritten most of the Speed check.
    NOTE: Improved error messages.
    NOTE: FightSpeedConsistency is now disabled by default.
    NOTE: FightHitbox check (disabled by default) can no longer cancel. The direction used for comparison is now retrieved from the move after the attack, thus it is not possible to cancel the attack. This has been done to improve checking accuracy.
    NOTE: Renamed FightDirectionApprox to EntityInteractDirection
    NOTE: Renamed FightReachApprox to EntityInteractReach
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  2. Small Improvements

    NOTE: Improved teleportation handling.
    NOTE: Improved Strafe check. (This is still disabled by default)
    NOTE: Rewrote SprintDirection check.
    NOTE: Improved Fly false flags with cobwebs.

    Now that I'm in college, development will be slower. I'm working hard to rewrite a few movement checks; hang on there!
  3. Fix movement false positve

    FIXED: SyntheticMove false flags while in vehicle
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  4. Bugfixes and improvements

    REMOVED: BlockBreakHitbox
    REMOVED: BlockInteractHitbox
    ADDED: BlockBreakDirection
    ADDED: BlockBreakReach
    ADDED: BlockInteractDirection
    ADDED: BlockInteractReach
    ADDED: Strafe check. Disabled by default (will trash yet another handful of killauras and aimbots)
    ADDED: SyntheticMove check (Thanks, Havesta)
    ADDED: SyntheticBlockInteract check (Thanks again, Havesta)
    ADDED: AimbotConvergence check
    FIXED: Fixed some client/server desync issues when rolling back cancelled block interactions
  5. More improvements

    FIXED: Usage msg for punish argument: <list> should be <'list'> and <info> should be <'info'>
    NOTE: Slightly reduced movement false-positives in PvP under certain conditions
    ADDED: More options for the LagCompensator
    FIXED: An NPE thrown while debugging LagCompensator
    ADDED: FightMulti check
    REMOVED: "cancelSameTick" option in FightSpeed check
    NOTE: Hawk will now prevent entity/world interaction for a player while they are teleporting
    ADDED: "/hawk force <player>" command to force checking...
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  6. CRITICAL bug fix

    This update patches a CRITICAL crash exploit in Hawk that exists in versions 1902 to 1906. Please update your installation of Hawk for continued security for your server.

    FIXED: an exploit in Hawk which could crash the network thread.
    FIXED: some speed false positives in flowing water.
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  7. Slight changes, improvements, and bugfixes

    ADDED: PunishmentScheduler (a.k.a. a JudgementDay) module. Documentation coming soon and will be posted on the GitHub wiki.
    ADDED: FightSynchronized check again
    NOTE: Improved Inertia check
    NOTE: Renamed AntiVelocity check to AntiVelocityBasic
    ADDED: AntiVelocityJump check
    NOTE: LagCompensator module will now lag compensate more entity types
    FIXED: Index Out of Bounds Exception in Fly check
    NOTE: AimbotHeuristic is now disabled by default. It will be improved soon.
    ADDED: New configuration...
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  8. Configuration Changes & Bugfixes

    WARNING: This update introduces a new "checks.yml" file for the checks' configurations. To preserve your configurations, you must copy/paste everything under "checks" from your "config.yml" to a new file named "checks.yml". Otherwise, your checks' configurations will be reset.

    NOTE: Configuration of checks have been moved to "checks.yml"
    NOTE: Made Phase check slightly more strict
    FIXED: Fly rubberbanding back to previous location right after teleportation
    ADDED: ItemUseSpeed check...
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  9. Improvements and Bugfixes

    ADDED: Ability to communicate with BungeeCord networks. You'll need HawkAlertsBungee for this, which is located at https://github.com/HawkAnticheat/HawkAlertsBungee and will soon be uploaded to this site.
    NOTE: Better support for slimeblocks
    FIXED: A SwimVertical false positive in flowing water and lava
    NOTE: Reduced SwimVertical false positives when exiting water
    ADDED: ClickDuration check
    FIXED: IOException on first start
    ADDED: FightSpeedConsistency check
    NOTE: Redesigned the...
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  10. Attention to Liquids & Other Improvements

    These past updates had left liquid movement almost completely ignored. Allowing cheating to occur under water/lava. This update introduces checking while being submerged in liquids.

    Be aware that this update introduces some false positives in flowing liquids. I will be working hard to fix that by the next update. Besides that, it's just improvements everywhere else.

    FIXED: Speed false positive when sprinting right after teleportation.
    ADDED: Boolean configuration option "ignoreItemUse"...