Head Exchange 1.0

Don't like that head? Exchange it!

  1. MCAeolus

    With Head Exchange, you can exchange player heads with... well, other player heads! This plugin also has multiple customization features!

    How it works

    Let's say you have the Steve player head, but you want Notch's player head. Get the Steve player head in your hand, and type /headexchange exchange Notch and there you go! You're Steve player head is now a Notch player head.

    This plugin comes with the ability to customize most all parts of it!

    Code (Text):
    # +Chat Prefix: Modify what shows up before messages the plugin sends in chat! (Supports '&' color codes.)
    ChatPrefix: '&f&l[&6Head&eExchange&f&l] '

    # +Registered Skins Only: Is set to true, the head will only be changed if the player the user tries to change the head to exists.
    RegisteredSkinsOnly: true

    # +UseEconomy: If you have to pay when exchanging a player head or not. REQUIRES VAULT!!
    UseEconomy: false

    # --[Economy]
    # +HeadPrice: How much a head exchange costs.
    HeadPrice: 100.0
    - Chat Prefix: This is pretty obvious, but it allows you to change the affix to any message this plugin sends. (EX: "[HeadExchange] message" can be altered to "[ServerName] message".)

    - Registered Skins: If this is enabled (by default it is), every time a user tries to exchange a player head, the plugin will first check the Minecraft skin servers to see if the player skin the user wants actually exists. If not, the plugin will send an error message to the user.

    - Use Economy: You can optionally make it cost money to exchange a player head! (NOTE: THIS REQUIRES VAULT.) Disabled by default.

    - Economy - Head Price: How much a player head exchange costs. (assuming Use Economy is enabled.)

    This plugin features one command, /headexchange.

    Key: ( )'s are optional parameters <>'s are arguments that may differ.

    /headexchange (reload | exchange) ( <playername> )

    /headexchange reload
    : Grabs the configuration from file. Requires headexchange.admin (or OP).

    /headexchange exchange <player>: Exchanges a player head with another. Requires headexchange.use (default gives to all players).

    This plugin also has permissions.

    headexchange.use: Default HeadExchange permission. Is given to all players.

    headexchange.admin: Admin HeadExchange permission. Is given to operators.


    I hope you enjoy using this plugin. Feedback and ratings are appreciated, as well as ideas!

Recent Reviews

  1. nitewing76
    Version: 1.0
    Plugin works in Paper 1.11.2, but when the head is in a player's inventory, the plugin does not always hold the skin after server reboot or does not refresh until after the head is placed. (or maybe I'm just lagging)

    Also needs messages.yml to customize how currency is displayed. could be a superb plugin with 5-star rating with only minor adjustments! :)