Head Gui 2.0

Allows the creation of GUIs which contain player heads, useful for /staff etc.

  1. booksaw123
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    Head Gui is a plugin which allows you to create a GUI full of heads in different ways, useful to display staff, donators or anything else on the server.
    Requirements: HeadGui uses Gui-API: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/gui-api.59839/
    which is required for the plugin to work.


    /<gui> - opens a GUI which has been created with that name, for example, /staff will open the staff GUI

    If you type in a root for a /headgui command, for example, /headgui player it will give all possible commands for players. It is probably easier to read it in-game as it is more broken apart instead of just a block of text.
    • list: lists all the GUIs
    • reload: reloads the config (does not work with removing GUIs)
    • player: all player commands
      • add <gui> <player> <rank> - adds the specified player to the inventory
      • remove <gui> <player> - Removes the specified player from the inventory
      • list <gui> - lists the players in that GUI
    • gui: all commands to edit GUIs
      • create <name> - Creates a GUI with <name>
      • delete <gui> - Delets <gui>
      • displayname <gui> <name> Changes the name which appears at the top of the GUI
      • displaystatus <gui> <status>: Changes the status of the GUI, status can be:
        • true - Displays if the users are online offline
        • false - Does not display if the player os online or offline
      • displaymode <gui> <mode>: Changes the display mode, possible modes:
        • all - Displays in order of players in config
        • separated - puts a glass stained bar between the online and offline players
        • online - only displays the online players
        • offline - only displays the offline players
    • 'Headgui.admin' - Required to do /headgui (there is not permissions per command)
    • 'headgui.gui.<gui>' - Lets the user do /<gui> (you will be sent the permission node when you create a new GUI
    Display mode
    There are many different display modes, so you can determine how the GUI looks, different display modes are explained in the commands section (or do /headgui gui displaymode in-game)

Recent Updates

  1. Re-Code and complete update
  2. In game deletion

Recent Reviews

  1. mc_awsome22
    Version: 1.1
    This is so much better than just looking at your YouTubers channels in a chat, it brings it alive in a awesome GUI. Thank you for making it possible for deleting the people in game!