Head Sell Works Requires Vault economy plugin and a head droping plugin 1.8

Selling Player Heads For Money$$$ Bounties And Signs

  1. SkyBeast1257
    SkyBeast1257 Gogobebe2
    This is a plugin which enables a player receives a head mob or player can have a percent of there balance by right clicking a sell sign and if you shift and right click you sell a stack

    Line 1: [Sell]
    Line 2: Head
    Line 3: Blank
    Line 4: Blank
    bh sellhead
    /bh placebounty <player> amount
    Admin Comands:
    /Bh removebounty
    /bh reload
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Recent Reviews

  1. ReeceDev
    Version: 1.8
    Amazing Plugin! It's a Must Download for servers that need to sell heads!
    LOVE IT! The price settings are amazing, I hope to see more plugins from you! This is an EXCELLENT resource! 10/10!