Head Sweeper [1.13 - 1.16] 1.6.0

A mine sweeper implementation for minecraft using custom skinned heads from heads.freshcoal.com

  1. Release 1.6.0: add compatibility with HeadsPluginAPI 2.x

    This is the release that makes the plugin compatible with HeadsPluginAPI 2.x, and therefore also with minecraft 1.13.0 - 1.16.x

    NOTE: if you are running a 1.16.1 mc server, make sure that you have HeadsPluginAPI 2.0.4 or newer! There is a bug in older versions of HeadsPluginAPI related to changes in the format of NBT tags on head blocks in 1.16.1.
  2. Support for HeadsPluginAPI 1.8.0

    A small change was needed to be able to support HeadsPluginAPI 1.8.0

    Also the update includes a small bugfix regarding using both HeadSweeper and HeadsInventory at the same time (because they both accidentally caused HeadsPluginAPI to be loaded twice)
  3. Zip file with both minecraft v1.13 compatible and v<1.12.2 compatible version

    Due to some people still downloading the 1.13 version for their older servers, I decided to make a download available where they can download both the version for 1.8-1.12.2 and the version for 1.13.
  4. Full support for minecraft version 1.13

    Warning! For this to work in 1.13 you need HeadPluginAPI 1.7.0-1.13 specifically. Otherwise the plugin will not work.

    Warning! This version ONLY works in 1.13. Use HeadSweeper v1.4.0 if you want to use this plugin for version 1.12.2 or earlier (And use it with HeadsPluginAPI 1.7.0)

    Other than that: have fun with using this plugin in version 1.13 :D
  5. Update for compatibility with HeadsPluginAPI v1.7.0

    This is a small update to make sure that the plugin keeps working with the newest version of HeadsPluginAPI. This was necessary, because of the name change of that plugin.

    Other then that, sadly still no updates to this plugin itself. (I've been quite busy :p)
  6. Back to spigot!

    Now that HeadsPlugin is free, it is now possible for us to move headsweeper back to the Spigot website. HURRAY! Ahem... anyway...

    At the moment no changes were made yet to this plugin. It is still compatible with the newest version of HeadsPlugin (hence no version change for this plugin). Expect new developments for this plugin in the future like:

    - A bomb counter
    - A timer
    - Solo games (to prevent troll clicks from...
  7. Release of version 1.2.0, now compatible with spigot 1.9.

    HeadSweeper is part of the HeadsPlugin project.This will be the end of the free trial of headsweeper. You can get a 30 day trial of HeadsPlugin at the website in the provided link.
  8. Important update to v1.1.5

    This update includes a few important changes and bugfixes:

    - The plugin now uses a separate plugin to handle head loading, called HeadsPlugin. This is done so that a new plugin doesn't have to rewrite the head loading code.
    - The plugin now supports head caching. If the heads are cached, the plugin still works fine if the heads website is down during a server start.
    - Fixed bug where a board reset was undone after a server restart

    *Note:* both HeadsPlugin and HeadSweeper need to be put...
  9. Head Sweeper

    Now compatible with all Spigot/CraftBukkit 1.8.x and possibly (fingers crossed) 1.9.x versions.