Head Well MySQL Edition [Free] [Skript] 0.1

Gives a random item or permission reward with custom economy. Requires Database.

  1. gabbo200
    • Custom Economy
    • Holograms
    • Random Item or Permission
    • Chance System
    • MySQL
    • /addheads <player> <amount> --- Add heads
    • /heads ------ Balance
    • /playerheads <player> ----- Check player Heads amount
    • /setheadwell ----- Sets the head well (need bed rock to be placed)
    • /helpheads ------ Shows admin, or player help for the plugin
    • headwell.admin ---- For admin commands
    • headwell.player ---- For player commands

    • Put file headwall.sk into /plugins/skript/scripts
    • Open file Headwell-MySQL.sk at start on "Script Options" add your database credentials.
    • Restart server
    • In game place a bed rock block where you want the head well to be.
    • Stand on top of the bed rock, look at bed rock and run command /setheadwell