HeadCraft 1.1.2

Craftable player heads and item heads, no commands

  1. 1.14+ support

    Added support for minecraft 1.14 and above.
  2. Item packing system changed and 1.17 support

    Now you just need to right-click on an item with a player head to pack that item.

    Items you can not pack are:
    - shulker boxes
    - player heads
    - bundles
    - enchanted items

    Data that will be stored in an item pack:
    - custom name
    - material
    - amount
    - lore
    Other types of data will not be stored for now.

    You can not pack items if you are in creative.
  3. Added ability to pack items

    Added ability to pack items in a player head, so you can put every item that's in the game on your head. You can do this by placing a player head in the first slot of an anvil and an item of choice in the other slot. Once you place the head in your helmet slot it will unpack and change to the item you had put in.