HeadDecapitator - Sell the head of slain enemies! 1.0.0

Killing players drops their head, which can then be sold by the killer!

  1. John_Yuki
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    When a player is killed, the victim will have their head dropped on the ground. The victim also loses money equal to the amount defined in the config. This dropped playerhead can then be picked up by other players and sold using the command /sellhead while holding the playerhead in their main hand, with the seller receiving the amount that the victim lost.

    For players to sell the head, they must have the permission headdecapitator.sellhead.

    There is an admin reload command to reload the config, which requires both the following permissions to use: headdecapitator.admin and headdecapitator.admin.reload. The reload command is /hd-admin reload.

    The plugin should work on all versions 1.13 or above, but I've only tested it myself on 1.16 because I'm lazy. Vault is required to use this plugin.

    Please report any bugs to me directly on Discord - John_Yuki#7556

    Default config:
    Code (YAML):
    # The percentage to remove from the victim and give to the killer.
    # 0.10 = 10%, 0.20 = 20%, and so on.
    # Default = 0.10
    : 0.10

    # The name of the player head that will be dropped by the victim.
    # Valid placeholders:
    #   - %victim% = The victims username
    #   - %value% = The value of the playerhead
    # Default: "&2&l%victim%'s head (Worth: $%value%)"
    : "&2&l%victim%'s head (Worth: $%value%)"

    # The message that gets sent to the player after selling a head.
    # Valid placeholders:
    #   - %victim% = The victims username
    #   - %value% = The value of the playerhead
    # Default: "&aYou just sold &2%victim%'s &ahead for &6$%value%&a!"
    : "&aYou just sold &2%victim%'s &ahead for &6$%value%&a!"

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    Version: 1.0.0
    We are using it on our main server, this is the perfect plugin if you're looking for something lightweight and easy to install.

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