HeadHunter - Easter Egg Hunt for your server! 1.9.0

Have your players look for Player Heads around your server!

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    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    • 1.18
    HeadHunter allows you to hide playerheads around the world, and keeps track of which players have found which heads!

    Oops! HeadHunter does not add a method of obtaining playerheads to the game. Use the vanilla command, essentials /skull command or HeadDatabase to get the heads you want.

    Usage Ideas / Features:
    -- Heads can run commands when they are found!
    Maybe use it to hide presents?

    -- Need a fun game while players are waiting in your lobby for one of your servers to reboot? Have them look for eastereggs!

    -- Rewards for first completion of a parkour? Why not place a playerhead there?

    -- Easter! Why not hide playerheads with egg designs, and have players search for them around the server?

    Heads that you haven't found yet will have a small particle effect around them!

    Commands use json components so that they look fancy when you hover or click them! :)

    Player commands: (Permission: headhunter.basic )
    /headhunter (/hh) - Shows you how many heads you have found / how many you need to find. You can also use /hh count

    /hh list (page) (true/false) - Gives the player a list of all heads that can be found on the server.
    True or false is an answer to the question: "Show As IDs?" - setting it to true will show the head id instead of the name. If the head does not have a name, it will show the ID regardless. If true/false is not specified, it will show the name of the heads by default.

    Hovering the name/id of the heads in the list will show the player a hint on how to find that head.

    /hh top - shows you a list of the top players.

    /hh hint <head> - Gives you the hint of the specified hint in chat. If no head is specificed, a random unfound head will be used. This is for the bedrock users that can't hover the hints in chat.


    If there are more heads than fits on one page, you can specify the page to see with the (page) parameter. You can also click the arrows on the bottom to scroll between pages.

    Admin commands: (Permission: headhunter.admin )
    Warning: With these commands, you could trigger commands from console. Make sure you only give this to people that already have OP/Admin level permissions.

    /headhunteradmin (/hha) - Gives you a list of all admin commands.

    /hha findforuser <playername> <id/name> - Marks the specified head id/name as found for the specified player.
    /hha seelistas <playername> <page> <true/false> - Same as the players "/hh list", except you can see it how a specific player would see it, to see what they are missing. The player must be online.

    /hha find <id/name> - Gives you the location of the specified head.
    /hha edit <id> - Gives you 3 clickable chat messages so that you can easily modify the values of the specified head. See "How to place heads" for more info.
    /hha add (on/off) - Toggles your "addmode". If enabled, ALL playerheads you place will be added as a new HeadHunter head. Be carefull! Use the same command to disable. Will only work if you are in creative mode. See "How to place heads" for more info.

    /hha sethint/setname <id/name> <msg> - Sets the name or hint(description) of the specified head to the message that follows. Color codes are supported.

    /hha addcommand <id> <string> - adds a command that is triggered from console when a head is clicked. Use <playername> as a placeholder for the player.

    /hha clearcommands <id> - Removes all commands from a playerhead.

    /hha seecommands <id> - Gives you a list of commands for the specified heads.

    /hha delete <id/name> - Not fully supported! If you delete head 40, the list will show as 38, 39, 41... Use sparingly!

    /hha debug (on/off) - Toggles debug mode.

    /hha notifyadmins - Toggles if debug should be shown to admins in chat.

    /hha forcesave (heads/users) - Saves the specified file to disk, to make sure data isn't lost. These values should autosave (check your config) but every now and then you just want to be eeeextra sure ;)

    /hha reloadconfig - Reloads the config.yml file.

    How to place heads:
    1) Get the head you want, using the vanilla /give command, or any other plugin of your choice.
    2) Enter Creative Mode!
    3) Enable "add mode" by using the command /hha add
    4) Place the head.
    You will know it worked if you see this in chat:
    5) (Optional) - Set the name, description and/or command by clicking the message in chat, or using the /hha setname <id> <name>

    In the image above, you see that I placed a head with the ID 45.
    To set the name to "&6My fancy name" I can use the command:
    /hha setname 45 &6My fancy name
    The same goes for commands and hint.

    6) Repeat step 4 & 5 until you have placed the heads you want.

    7) Disable Add Mode with the command /hha add off

    8) Allthough it auto-saves, you might as well be safe and do a force save with the command /hha forcesave heads


    - The amount of heads the viewing player has found.

    - The amount of heads that can be found.

    - (Replace ## with a number) example: %headhunter_stats_top_12%
    - The player with in the current top ## position. Displayed as "Name -> Found"

    - (Replace ## with a number) example: %headhunter_stats_top_name_3%
    - The name of the player with in the current top # position.

    - (Replace ## with a number) example: %headhunter_stats_top_name_1%
    - The score of the player with in the current top # position.

    Default configuration can be found here:

    Any issues or suggestions? Let me know!


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