Heads Plugin API [1.8 - 1.13] 1.7.1

Make it easy to use or spawn custom created textured heads from your plugins.

  1. Small bugfix regarding Minecraft-heads.com searches

    There was a bug when searching through minecraft-heads.com if there were more than 80 results (one full page worth of heads on minecraft-heads.com). This has now been fixed.

    Thanks go out to CobaltRisen for finding this bug :D
  2. Zip file with both minecraft v1.13 compatible and v<1.12.2 compatible version

    Due to some people still downloading the 1.13 version for their older servers, I decided to make a download available where they can download both the version for 1.8-1.12.2 and the version for 1.13.
  3. Partial support for 1.13

    This update does NOT work on 1.12.2 or earlier servers! It is meant only for version 1.13 and up. Download 1.7.0 if you have a server that uses version 1.12.2 or earlier.

    With that out of the way: here is the update that supports version 1.13! :D

    This version is needed if you want HeadsInventory, HeadSweeper and other plugins dependent on this API to work in 1.13.

    It supports all the searching and item stack creation features that HeadsPluginAPI 1.7.0 has. It also partially...
  4. Suppport for minecraft-heads.com

    As requested by a few of the users, the API now supports heads from minecraft-heads.com

    IMPORTANT: Searching through this database is very slow! While it doesn't impact the performance of the server itself, it can take between 1 and 3 seconds per head to load. This means that trying to load 50 heads can take over 2.5 minutes! This is a limitation on the side of the database, not on the side of the plugin, so I have no control over this....
  5. Heads Plugin renamed to Heads Plugin API

    Due to a lot of people getting confused about the naming of the plugin, I decided to change the name to Heads Plugin API. I hope that this will reduce the amount of people that think this is the only plugin that they need. I also slightly changed the description of Heads Plugin API, HeadsInventory and HeadSweeper to reflect this change.
  6. Compatibility with the new Freshcoal website

    Freshcoal updated their website, so that it is way more modern and super fast. This update will make it so that the plugin will work with the new website.

    Other than the compatibility, nothing has changed.
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  7. Release 1.6.1 support for uploading a player skin to the mineskin database

    Release 1.6.1
    - Made it so that you can do the /heads command without having HeadsInventory installed. It will tell you that you need to install HeadsInventory for that functionality (added because a lot of people kept saying they couldnt find any commands, because they dont know what an API is)

    Release 1.6.0
    - Added support for adding a player skin to the Mineskin.org database using the following code:
    Code (Text):
    HeadsUtils hu = HeadsUtils.getInstance();
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  8. Now compatible with the MineSkin database!

    Today we release version 1.5.0! This version includes support for searching through the MineSkin database, the website from Inventivetalent that has a skin/heads database just like Freshcoal. While this database has less heads than Freshcoal, searching through it is way faster than searching through Freshcoal's database.

    For server owners
    If you are creating a custom category in the categories.yml, you...
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  9. Minor bugfixes

    Changes v1.4.2
    - small fixes for nullpointer exceptions when a category cannot be found.
    - added a zip with a backup cache so that new users can use the plugin when the website is down (you can ignore this zip if you already have a server with this plugin active. If you are a new user and the heads.freshcoal.com website is down, put the contents of this zip in the HeadsPlugin folder in your server's plugin folder)
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  10. Update 1.4.1 (required for HeadsInventory 1.3.0)

    Changes v1.4.1
    - added javadoc to download for plugin development (you can ignore javadoc when you just want to use this plugin)

    Changes v1.4.0

    - added searching for categories by id in the API, which is needed for the categories UI in HeadsInventory 1.3.0