Headshot 2.0

Arrows that follow it's targets.

  1. Rafoudiablol
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15

    This plugin is an introduction to multiple goals:
    1. Make better RPG maps/survival scenarios​
    2. Add possibilities to Minecraft commands​
    To achieve that, this plugin explores the possibilities of using native Minecraft command selectors (the @p, @s, things). Also, the plugin is developed under the following terms:
    • Mostly new commands
    • Things that manipulate entities, world or mechanism behaviors
    • Lightweight plugin
    • Commands will use when possible and the most possible the native Minecraft selectors
    • New commands could be added in vanilla Minecraft and don't denature the game, keeping things simples and RPG-ish

    Usage: /attacktarget <attackers> <target>
    Description: Make entities to attack one entity. If multiple entities are matched, only the first one is targeted, also this may be random, and avoid multiple entities in the target argument (if it is not intended).​

    Usage: /walktolocation <entities> <x> <y> <z> [ <speed> [ <maxTime> ]]
    Description: Make one or multiple entities to move to a location. Optionally you can specify a speed multiplier (by default 1.0) and a max. time, that is a maximal number of ticks before to give up to go to the location if the location isn't reached. It's useful when the location is impossible to reach, because, for example, it's in height, inside a block or simply unreachable. The max time is specified in a number of ticks. To specify max. time only, you may set speed to default (1.0). The default max. time is set to infinity, that is the entity never gives up to go the location if the server is not reloaded or they are the target to another walktolocation command.

    This is an introduction to the plugin, new features can be requested or added in the future!​
    Yes, that is only that for the moment! Some things are in the experiment and the plugin is intended to be simple.
    Each argument is a selector fully compatible with Minecraft selectors.​

    This is not a guid to Minecraft selectors, but in some care
    /attacktarget @e[type=spider,distance=..100] @s
    /attacktarget @e[type=creeper] SomebodyYouDontLike


    Some new enchantments may be added randomly to the creation of items. Theses enchantment cannot be increase by the anvil, but the player can merge them if he puts the item containing the enchantment in the first slot of the anvil.

    Stalker enchantment: When the player notches an arrow, if he is looking at an entity, the future arrow will target this entity. This will work with any projectile launched with the item. Only bows can be enchanted with this enchantment. The max. distance of targeting is 256.0 blocks. About the probability to get the enchantment, each enchanted bow has one to 20 chance to get automatically the enchantment when a player enchants a bow, regardless of his level, count of libraries or cost of enchantment. This does not change the cost of any enchantment, and basically just add a random bonus to the bow with no extra level cost or anything.


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