HeadsInventory [1.8 - 1.13] 1.7.1

The plugin to spawn custom heads (and not only player heads) using a GUI

  1. Support for Dutch and Chinese

    If you want to use these translations, don't forget to change the locale in the config.yml:
    Code (YAML):
    locale: nl_NL #for the dutch translation
    : zh_CN #for the chinese translation
    Major thanks go to classmate_potato for the Chinese translation and Rene98 for the Dutch translation.
  2. Better tab completion and localization support

    This update contains an update to the tab completion. What made me decide to improve it was the new suggestions feature that is present in mc 1.13. The changes were also made to my <1.12.2 version of the plugin, so that those can also benefit more from tab completions.

    The second change in this update is the ability to support translation/localization.

    The locale can be changed in the config.yml file. If you add the line:
    Code (Text):
    locale: <yourLocaleHere>
    Eg, for french:
    Code (Text):
  3. Zip file with both minecraft v1.13 compatible and v<1.12.2 compatible version

    Due to some people still downloading the 1.13 version for their older servers, I decided to make a download available where they can download both the version for 1.8-1.12.2 and the version for 1.13.
  4. Full support for minecraft version 1.13

    Warning! For this to work in 1.13 you need HeadPluginAPI 1.7.0-1.13 specifically. Otherwise the plugin will not work.

    Warning! This version ONLY works in 1.13. Use HeadsInventory v1.6.0 if you want to use this plugin for version 1.12.2 or earlier (And use it with HeadsPluginAPI 1.7.0)

    Other than that: have fun with using this plugin in version 1.13 :D
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  5. HeadsInventory now supports minecraft-heads.com

    As requested by a few of the users, this plugin now supports heads from minecraft-heads.com

    IMPORTANT: Searching through this database is very slow! While it doesn't impact the performance of the server itself, it can take between 1 and 3 seconds per head to load. This means that trying to load 50 heads can take over 2.5 minutes! (for this reason a progress message was added for manual search). This is a limitation on the side of the...
  6. Release 1.5.1 support for uploading your skin to the mineskin database with /addhead

    Release 1.5.1
    - minor bugfixes

    Release 1.5.0
    - Added support to add the head of your current skin to the Mineskin.org database using this command:
    Code (Text):
    /addhead <name>
    Here <name> is the name that you want to give to this head so that you can find it with the command:
    Code (Text):
    /headsinv msearch <name>
    This update needs HeadsPlugin v1.6.1
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  7. Now compatible with the MineSkin database!

    Today we release version 1.4.0! This version includes support for searching through the MineSkin database, the website from Inventivetalent that has a skin/heads database just like Freshcoal. While this database has less heads than Freshcoal, searching through it is way faster than searching through Freshcoal's database.

    To use this update you will need to update HeadsPlugin to version 1.5.0
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  8. Now with categories UI and HeadGivenEvent

    Changes v1.3.0
    - Added firing a HeadGivenEvent when giving a head to a player (added so that other plugins can listen for this event (think about economy plugins charging for getting the head or making permissions to only get certain kinds of heads).

    Changes v1.2.0

    - Added the Category UI: "/headsinv cat" no longer gives a list of all categories, but opens an inventory UI that shows categories. Clicking the category automatically opens that category's UI.
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