HeadsPlus » 1.15.2 - 1.18 7.0.4

A heads plugin with advanced head drops, crafting, selling, challenges and much more!

  1. Exploit fix

    I was made aware of a seemingly harmless bug that I originally laughed over then immediately panicked over, I have not directly pushed the fix to Github as of right now but will go ahead with doing so in a few days or so when everything is updated properly.

    This happens from the very start of v7 up to v7.0.3. If your server hasn't really got HP set up properly with permissions and you have trustworthy admins, it's not a problem but I would heavily advise updating regardless. Thankfully it...
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  2. Bugfixes

    fc9dcc9 Fixed statistic data being fetched wrongly - Thatsmusic99
    991331e Bump version - Thatsmusic99
    c0a3df1 Attempt to resolve SQLite locks - Thatsmusic99...
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  3. Bugfixes

    544912b create inventories.yml - steve4744
    a08ba6e correct typo in transferOldData method - steve4744
    ba1c2b9 Reload messages when doing /hp reload - Thatsmusic99
  4. Many Bug Fixes

    c2cd192 oh yeah 1.18 is out lmao whoops - Thatsmusic99
    6337bb6 Fixed {type} heads in /head and /myhead - Thatsmusic99
    7cc1252 Fix per-head prices not being applied;...
  5. v7 part one: i ruin everyone's configuration files

    No, seriously. Take a backup of your HeadsPlus folder. You can do it by zipping the folder and keeping it handy in your plugins folder. It takes, what, 5 seconds? Surreal. It takes me 10 minutes to build Spigot. Don't you dare tell me you screwed up the folder and say it would take too long to back up. Customer support loves you, BTW. Have a kiss. Mwah.


    1.8 to 1.14 support got tanked in this version. Cry. :)

    Feel free to ask any config questions you have because quite frankly I...
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  6. Hotfix

    15a629d Forgot to apply exception for getItemStackFuture - Thatsmusic99
    adc8d3e Bumped version, early this time - Thatsmusic99
    f9976be Might be stupid. - Thatsmusic99
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  7. Bug Fixes

    e902155 I'm a little stupid (fixes #48)
    c149915 Backport v7 fix for /head not working - Thatsmusic99...
  8. Bug fixes + Performance Improvements

    2159d0 Fixed some heads not loading.
    b0336b8 Exploit checker now runs async (temporary solution to performance problems, confirmed to still work)
  9. Urgent Hotfix for 1.17

    As it turns out, I messed up with one of the methods in the plugin and didn't update it as appropriate. Whilst it was apparently mildly broken in 1.16.5 (see https://hub.spigotmc.org/jira/browse/SPIGOT-6575 for all the technical jargon), this only started being problematic for 1.17, so I went through the codebase and replaced all instances of the problematic code HP had that would result in errors and even crashes. Whilst this only affected /head and /myhead, all bits and pieces...
  10. 1.17 Support, Bug fix

    No major update yet I'm still partially suffering

    However, speaking of that, I have removed anvil menu support in 1.17. It still works on other versions, but I plan on removing support for this feature overall in the next major update regardless.

    Paper 1.16.5 will remain the main testing version for HeadsPlus until the majority of plugins have been updated for 1.17 and Paper 1.17 has been released as well....
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