HeadsPlus [1.8.x-1.12.x] 4.0.0-BETA

A heads plugin with multiple fun features that makes it unique among others.


    + Let me introduce to you... that's right... challenges! Currently under BETA testing, please let me know of anything broken.
    + Added challenges.yml!
    + Changed the leaderboards-mysql boolean in config.yml to mysql-usage
    + Maybe some bug fixes? Idk?

    Okay... on the more serious side. I was meant to release this update yesterday, however, I struggled to meet my target time, which was 14:00 EST. This was due to multiple things I had forgotten about in this update, including messages, bug fixes,...
  2. Emergency bug fix

    + I lied about this being my last update just before releasing the challenges. A bug fix regarding iron golem heads has been fixed.
  3. Bug fix + Improvements (3.7/4.0 sneak peak link here)

    + Improvements so that my life will be made ten times easier in the future.
    + A bug fix with /heads which would throw NPE's.

    So this is my last update before I start working on the serious new update for HeadsPlus. A good sneak peak can be found on my Twitter here, and I will be sure to post more updates on HeadsPlus's new update there. Gimme a follow at @ErrorTM99 if you're interested in this new update that's going to be...
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  4. Extended help menu

    + The extended help menu has been added. Enjoy.

    Usage: /hp help <Command name>

    Or in the help menu, click a command.

    To allow a player to view the command's permission, use headsplus.help.viewperms.

    Inform me of any issues. Thanks!~
  5. Head command addition + New heads + Bug fix

    + A valid /head usage now includes /head <Player giving head to> <Head owner>. This requires the permission headsplus.head.others.
    + New heads + head section, namely colors.
    + Bug fix for /heads.
  6. Error fix

    + Fixed any NPE's caused by reloading the plugin if disableCrafting was set to true.
  7. Complete code polish

    Nothing exciting in this update. The best I can really say is that the code for HeadsPlus has been pretty much been re-done, and I've tested the plugin thoroughly to ensure it works.

    The code polish was done to not just make it easier for me to update the plugin, but also to ensure you enjoy using it more and don't experience any performance issues. Code simplifications will include:

    + Making it easier to sell heads
    + API is easier to use (which actually is still in the works, kind of)
  8. Two new features + Bug fixes

    + Heads.yml has been changed - any changes you've made to the HeadN value WILL BE RESET. Thanks in advance. Now instead of strings, lists will be made and a random head will be dropped. Suggested by Enter_Blaze, thank you!

    + Advanced HeadN values are out for sheep only currently. Expect more soon (if possible)!

    + Player death messages are now out and optional (disabled on default). Untested so let me know if there's any issues. Suggested by franckjohann, thank you again!

    + Fixed a...
  9. LOLCat language (yw)

    + Added the LOLCat language because I'm fluent in it. (Locale option: lolcat)

    Small update since I'm on a break from my recent admin jobs. Peace.
  10. New heads feature + New heads, simply!

    + Added the search menu for the head selector! Use /heads then click on the name tag in the upper right hand corner to begin!
    + Added some new heads and a new section, aka plants.

    I will be checking /heads soon to make sure there aren't any bugs or similar. If there are any fire them my way. Thanks <3