HeadsPlus [1.8.x-1.12.x] 3.0.2-BETA

A heads plugin with multiple fun features that make it unique.

  1. Bug fix + heads improvements

    - Optimised /heads to look neater
    - Added an item in /heads that displays statistics.
    - Heads can now be bought, this option can be modified in headsx.yml
    (to disable, just change default-price to free)
    - Added more heads, this time some animals! I also added doge for all of our memes.
    - Fixed an under 1 in 100 bug... skillz

    Alright, lol... I'm hoping to wipe HeadsPlus a bit clean after the update last night, which suddenly got over 100 downloads. I don't think the same will happen again,...
  2. Bug fixes

    - Fixed player heads not being sold properly
    - Fixed every head being sold when doing /sellhead player
    - Probably a load more bugs.
  3. BETA release of the heads selector

    - Added /heads, which requires the permission node headsplus.heads (heads database - around 100+ heads so far, will be adding more)
    - Added headsx.yml
    - Fixed bug regarding /head
    - Fixed possible NPE when interacting with heads

    So I just wanted to say before using this... please be aware of the fact that this version ends in "BETA". Why? It's not entirely finished, so random bugs may pop up here and there and spam errors. So if you use HeadsPlus 3.0.0-BETA, please use it with precaution, as...
  4. Smol config change

    - In heads.yml, chances now support double values (e.g 0.1, 34.34, etc - suggested by KnifeKat. Thank you!)

    I was planning to release this small feature with the upcoming 2.2 update, but 2.2 is pretty painful right now, however I have the base code working okay. But on the other hand, it will take a long while for it to be properly coded and done over, not to mention I go back to school on Tuesday.

    But still, to all those who are using the HeadsPlus plugin, thank you so much. The support...
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  5. Config changes

    - autoReloadOnFirstJoin and dropHeads now take effect when the config is reloaded.
    - Forgot to mention I fixed the GitHub.

    Sorry if I haven't been all that active. I've been working on a second resource and it's taking up a lot of my time. Of course I still have time for HeadsPlus, just not as much. Thanks for understanding.
  6. World whitelists added!

    - Added world whitelists
    - Broke GitHub. Yaaaay!!! (Will try to see if there's a possible fix) However this doesn't affect the plugin.
  7. Bug fixes + more sp33dy typing

    - Added auto-tab on sellhead and the subcommands of /headsplus. *Thumbs up*
    - Updated heads.yml (don't worry, there is no necessary deleting for this).
    - Fixed NullPointers being thrown when adding/removing a world to the world blacklist.
  8. Speedy commands + bug fixes

    - /hp or /headsplus now has auto-complete for its subcommands! Just in case you need to rush-blacklist a head and don't want to spend ten years typing "blacklistadd". More for other commands Soon<tm>
    - Fixed description for some commands in the help menu.
    - Fixed help menu being spammed for no reason when a subcommand is run (usually when the subcommand isn't lowercase).
  9. Whitelists + bug fixes

    - Added whitelists! FINALLY!
    - Added more subcommands and permissions (found on GitHub)
    - Added/edited more messages
    - Fixed a blacklist-enabling bug
    - Some random config option, to be explained further soon <tm>

    Stay tuned for more upcoming features!
  10. Metrics + Debug removal

    - Sorry, should've removed some debug code before publishing 2.0.3 that was used to test whitelisting.
    - Added Metrics

    Will add whitelisting whilst I can, no one likes slow internet...