HeadsPlus [1.8.x-1.12.x] 4.4.7

A heads plugin with multiple fun features that makes it unique among others.

  1. Performance fix

    + Fixed a lag issue when players joined. I should've noticed this sooner. Sorry.
  2. NMS improvements for future

    As some may know, 1.13 will come with a lot of breaking changes. And one of those breaking changes may as well break the entire HeadsPlus plugin, meaning that no heads whatsoever can be spawned in or made, nor can challenges be accessed - effectively making the plugin a shrivelled vegetable.

    I have taken some early procautions to avoid these changes from affecting the plugin too much, but this may not be it. The more news I receive, the more I'll make these changes.

    P.S: new command soon...
  3. New translation + Looting enchantment support!

    + Added the Spanish language - thank you to AlansS53 for your hard work doing this!
    + Added support for the looting enchantment, but can be turned off.
    + Added more detail to /hp debug.
    + Maybe fixed a reloading bug.
  4. Quick enhancements

    + Added a new entry to /hp debug for players.
    + Quick enhancement for skulls.

    Have been busy recently. Haven't forgotten about HeadsPlus though. Will try and work on more exciting updates again...
  5. Configuration changes + Bug fixes!

    + heads.yml now has a lore option for each head!
    + Placeholders in messages.yml AND config.yml have been completely changed. Don't worry though, the change should be automatic.
    + Auto reloading on first join has been removed - it is no longer necessary, plus it caused performance issues.
    + Bug fix with masks after the server restarts.
    + Bug fix with one placeholder which made the server look like it was having a moment (and has been there since 1.0.0... don't ask how)
    + Removed use-lore...
  6. Error fix for new servers

    + Fixes an error that would pop up if you're new to HeadsPlus.
    + Maybe a bug fix but don't think so.

    Quick update, nothing big. Currently don't feel that great. Thanks in advance though.
  7. Updated Hungarian language

    + Forgot to update the Hungarian language. Sorry in advance, but thanks once again to Toldi for doing this!
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  8. Masks + Sellhead rewrite

    + Masks are now here! These can provide special effects when wearing heads generated by HeadsPlus. Still buggy, so please be careful with them.
    + The command /sellhead has been rewritten for efficiency, please let me know about any issues you experience. And enjoy!

    P.S: If you have any heads that need selling before this update, PLEASE SELL THEM NOW! Thank you in advance!
  9. Small debug changes

    + Added /hp debug player <Player name>
    + Fixed usage display for /hp debug

    P.S. It was HeadsPlus's first birthday yesterday (30th April)! Thank you for everyone who's supported the plugin through its first year, it's been a fun first year as a plugin developer and already I'm taking development to the next level. This couldn't be achieved with the support (let's not forgot nonsense the plugin's made ;) ) of everyone here. So thank you, and thank you to those who contributed by translating...
  10. Crafting textures fixed + Debug addition + Bug fixes

    + Crafting textures have been fixed, which was being caused by one of the NMS methods I used. It's been tweaked now.
    + You can now use /hp debug head to print debug information about a head you're holding.
    + Bug fixes likely. Like with the auto reload on first join that was reloading every time someone joined.

    Okay I'll try and stop on the too frequent updates that aren't fun, especially since the plugin's state seems to be restored... I hope. :'D But on the more serious side. How does a...