HeadsPlus [1.8.x-1.12.x] 3.2.4

A heads plugin with multiple fun features that make it unique.

  1. Developer API + New heads

    + Added the developer API for HeadsPlus. Still shabby, but as the plugin develops that too will develop.
    + Happy National Sundae day! Have some new heads to celebrate this amazing, sweet day.

    HeadsPlus development will be slow for a while due to stress in real life and being busy in general. I will be sure to release small updates in the meantime, as well as start working on the scoreboards. Thanks!~
  2. Halloween heads removed

    + Halloween heads removed. That's just about it.
    + Small changes behind the scenes.

    Anyways, it's good to see HP has stepped back up to the levels it had a while ago. Once again thanks everyone!! Soon the developer API will be out, and perhaps after that I'll get onto head leader boards! Which actually I find very exciting since it's always been a feature I was hoping to add when developing the plugin, but never got a chance. Be sure to expect that soon!!

    Other than that will be busy,...
  3. New translation + Command! (+ Bug fix)

    + Added the Hungarian translation to HeadsPlus. Once again a MASSIVE thank you for Toldi for doing this!!

    + Added new command, /myhead which only retrieves your own head, regardless of arguments. However if your head is blacklisted or not whitelisted (when enabled) your head won't be retrieved. Suggested by UrgeWine, thank you!

    + Fixed a bug where the locale of the plugin wouldn't change on /hp reload but pLocale would change.

    HP squad where you at? I've noticed the downloads have reached...
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  4. Emergency bug fixes

    + Fixed stacktrace being printed when a ClassNotFoundException is thrown (when setting locale).

    + Fixed updater which literally wasn't doing its job. Now it works fine after testing it properly - my bad.

    + The plugin was also retrieving information for the wrong resource. That, too, is fixed. Once again, my bad.
  5. Halloween update + New translation + Bug fixes

    + HAPPY (early) HALLOWEEN! For the sake of it, enjoy a few new heads to add to the heads selector. This is just temporary, so if you do get this update then you'll have the heads. If not in future updates, then you won't get the heads. Sooo... do it? owo

    + New translation included (Romanian)! Special thanks to DariusTK once again for his amazing work! :D

    + Tweaked updater a bit, so it doesn't spam the chat.

    + Made it so that the "new" version is put in correctly, so for example 3.2.1...
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  6. Update checker

    - The plugin now checks for updates. This is done asynchronously to avoid affecting server performance. Added because of the lack of plugin updating (according to bStats), which would mean you'd miss out on fun/important updates!
    - Added update-checker and update-notify booleans to config.yml.
    - For players to be notified of updates, use the headsplus.notify permission node.

    Any issues with this please let me know, this wasn't entirely tested but so far it works fine.~
  7. Background changes + Bug fixes

    - HeadsPlus is now able to support multiple languages! HOWEVER: No extra languages other than English (UK) have been provided, and I am still working on the notes for translations. If you're interested in translating HeadsPlus, send a message my way! Languages I've considered include:

    - French (may do this myself, but this depends)
    - Spanish
    - German

    Of course other languages are welcome! I will be doing separate languages too, such as LOLCat or Pirate Speak (actually I'm fluent in LOLCat)...
  8. Small changes

    - Tweaked /heads a bit to use glass pane borders.
    - Added some new heads(?).
  9. THIS is where it really begins!!

    - Introducing SECTIONS to /heads! (Remember if you added any custom heads, remember to give them a section or they won't appear!)
    - Added some more fancy things to the /heads stats!
    - Want a head in heads.yml to be dropped from headsx.yml? That feature is now available! (The wiki will update soon to describe this soon. But for now, add HP#your_heads_config_section_name, e.g HP#llama to the HeadN section, e.g llamaHeadN: 'HP#llama')
    - More heads added, including logos this time!

    Remember if...
  10. Bug fix + heads improvements

    - Optimised /heads to look neater
    - Added an item in /heads that displays statistics.
    - Heads can now be bought, this option can be modified in headsx.yml
    (to disable, just change default-price to free)
    - Added more heads, this time some animals! I also added doge for all of our memes.
    - Fixed an under 1 in 100 bug... skillz

    Alright, lol... I'm hoping to wipe HeadsPlus a bit clean after the update last night, which suddenly got over 100 downloads. I don't think the same will happen again,...