HeadsPlus [1.8.x-1.13.x] 5.2.4

A heads plugin with multiple fun features that makes it unique among others.

  1. Bug fixes + Head option

    + Fixed sellhead exploit
    + Updated metrics
    + Made it so that you can now use normal mob heads (e.g zombie, creeper and ender dragon head) in heads.yml. Use '{mob-default}' to do this.
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  2. Bug fixes

    + Fixed challenges not loading properly. Won't be fixed instantly, so you have two choices:
    - Delete challenges.yml and start over
    - Add this to it where "challenges" is: https://pastebin.com/Mre48JbP

    + Fixed a bug where it won't let you pick up heads from the first slot in your inventory.
    + Fixed issues with Vault and /heads.


    TEST 1

  3. Advent Calendar (shh)

    + Added the Advent Calendar to the plugin, and my main reason being that I needed to test the mechanics of the feature before making it public because last year I didn't do that, and well it didn't turn out too good.

    But this year it's all working and running, so happy early Christmas?

    Don't hurt me please.

    Also, the first person who finds out how the Christmas hype option works will get a free hug.
  4. Bug fixes + Crafting changes

    This includes all changes from v5.1.11 to v5.2.1:

    • Fixed heads not being crafted (#14)
    • Fixed IndexOutOfBoundsException in some cases.
    • Fixed crafting textures not loading for custom heads
    • Reformatted crafting.yml
    • Removed Halloween heads
    • Heads can now be given to players via console
    • Usage for /head has changed
    • Fixed some heads not being able to be...
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  5. Debugging improvements

    + Reduced the plugin to be less error prone upon startup.
    + Added more debugging information if there is a mistake in any configs.
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  6. Technical stuff

    + Fixed issue when a new version is printed in console
    + Small cleanup
    + The husk joke is no longer funny so I fixed that
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  7. Bug fixes

    + Fixed normal mob drops not working (NPE)
    + Fixed NoSuchFieldError for servers with versions other than 1.13.x.
  8. Bug fixes + New heads

    + Added new foods to add to your candy stash for Halloween, we have 2 weeks left... :devilish:
    + Fixed mob heads refusing to stack (an issue I had a lot of issues with but managed to get there in the end! YAY!)
    + Fixed an NPE 1.13.x servers may have due to sheep heads not working correctly.
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  9. Emergency bug fix again

    + Fixed an error that completely stopped the plugin enabling at all.
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  10. Emergency bug fix

    + Fixed a desperate bug that stopped the plugin enabling and working for 1.8-1.11.2 servers.