HeadsPlus [1.8.x-1.13.x] 4.9.2

A heads plugin with multiple fun features that makes it unique among others.

  1. Added new heads + bug fix (status update here...)

    + Added some new heads to the blocks section including coral and refurbished emerald/diamond/gold blocks.
    + Fixed an error thrown in the heads menu if you don't have Vault.

    Surely an entire week since the last update would've resulted in a fun update, right? Then what on earth is this? I can explain that.

    In all honesty, I was indeed working on potentially v5.0.0 of HeadsPlus, where the /heads and /hpc inventories are completely customizable. Doing this would be extremely complicated for...
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  2. MySQL fixes

    + Fixed a typo in config.yml for MySQL.
    + Fixed a MySQL syntax error when creating the second database.

    If you use MySQL, it's recommended you update to this version. If not, don't worry.
  3. New debug system + Bug fixes

    + A new debug system is available for startup and commands! Events and subcommands will come soon :tm:
    + Fixed a few bugs that were probably in /hplb.
    + Fixed a header bug.

    Brief update again. Will hopefully have a bigger one soon.
  4. Updater tweak/bug fix (semi important)

    + Tweaked the updater, of which is semi important otherwise the updater will zone in and out in future updates.
    + Fixed a bug where the updater didn't notify anyone about any updates, which I find pretty funny since no one mentioned anything. :unsure: Sorry lads. You have to be annoyed now.
    + Fixed a placement bug for 1.13

    I'm back! Expect some more exciting updates soon.
  5. FOR NEW SERVERS ONLY (startup fix)

    + Fixed an error being thrown if you are new to using HeadsPlus, disabling the plugin and rendering it useless. If you don't have issues with the favourite.json file being created, don't worry. You may feel free to stay in 4.8.9.
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  6. Bug fixes (final update for now)

    + Added a new way of searching the heads selector: with chat. This is enabled by default since sometimes the anvil GUI doesn't work, and I don't have any explanation for it. This is simply a workaround.

    + Fixed one message in messages.yml not changing when the language is changed.

    So, this is going to be my final update for the next week. I'm hoping all the bug fixes will be enough to keep the plugin going for that time whilst I'm gone. However I will still be on Spigot and Discord, so if...
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  7. More bug fixes

    + Fixed a duplication glitch when opening the heads GUI (thank you to @jankmoco for reporting this!)
    + Fixed heads acting up when the heads or sellhead GUI is open
    + Fixed not being able to move items around in your inventory.
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  8. Bug and Spam fix

    + Fixed loads of rubbish being sent to console.
    + Fixed players being able to buy heads even if they don't have enough money.
    + Fixed an issue for 1.13 servers.

    Sadly I wanted to get a fun update done but it turns out I don't have the time, and I have two more bugs to fix before Friday so expect another update soon. Peace.
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  9. Added support for 1.13 mobs

    + HeadsPlus now supports 1.13 mobs. Have fun, catch some fish, and also don't strike any turtles with lightning.

    (No. I'm being serious. https://twitter.com/md__5/status/1020535209412866048 )

    + Fixed death events being duplicated in such a way that it was weird.
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  10. 1.13 support + bug fix

    + HeadsPlus now has the potential to support 1.13 and continue supporting versions lower than it. It was painful, and always will be, but it happened everyone.
    NOTE: Does not support new mobs.
    + Fixed blacklist listing issue

    Because the plugin supports 1.13 now, issues are most certainly likely to arise. Please report them to me as soon as possibe with any debug reports that may be dumped along the way. Thank you.

    Another quick update as well but when school is over this week, it'll be...