HeadsPlus [1.8.x-1.13.x] 6.0.7

A heads plugin with multiple fun features that makes it unique among others.

  1. Bug fix + Placeholders

    + Fixed dropped heads not being reloaded when /hp reload is run. + Added an expansion for PlaceholderAPI, of which is set up internally in the plugin so you don't need to install it as an expansion manually. Placeholders currently include: - %headsplus_xp% - %headsplus_completed_challenges_total% - %headsplus_level% - %headsplus_hunting_<ENTITY-NAME>% (where <ENTITY-NAME> is, well, an entity's name, and can be set to "total" or "player".) - %headsplus_crafting_<ENTITY-NAME>% -...
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  2. Config additions + Bug fix

    + Fixed a moderately major bug where every result in /hplb comes up as "0".
    + Added an option to decide if you want to use the plugin's old looting mechanism (disabled by default).
    + Added an option to decide if you require a player to have a mob/player drop a head (disabled by default).

    Motivation has been low, and I've been working on another plugin, so updates may be small/every once in a while. Cheers!
  3. Easter heads + Theme! (Also bug fixes)

    + Changes to /hp conjure command syntax (not any major changes)
    + Some background changes
    + Added Easter heads and theme (enabled by default) - happy early Easter!!
    + Fixed the heads selector being weird.

    Another quick update, am finally on holiday but most of it will still be work and all that. Thanks!
  4. Bug fixes

    + Fixed crafting not working in 1.13.2 (PULL REQUEST #28 by steve4744)
    + Fixed sellhead calculations in 1.9.x-1.13.x servers (ISSUE #27)
    + Fixed heads not stacking occasionally
    + Fixed IAE error when sheep, parrot, llama and horse heads are dropped
    + Mob drops managed by HeadsPlus no longer need a player/killer for heads to be dropped.
  5. An important message to everyone...


    On the end note, this isn't a bogus update.

    I have added options to challenges.yml and headsx.yml that choose whether you want these to update whenever I add new heads/challenges to the plugin.

  6. MANY bug fixes and improvements

    + Fixed challenges being able to be moved around.
    + Removed the (s) in item names in challenges.
    + Fixed some heads (e.g sheep, parrot, horse) not showing up in the sellhead menu.
    + Fixed colour codes in sellhead menu not being translated.
    + Added an optional reward-string option in challenges.yml, so that you can choose a custom reward title to be shown when hovering your cursor over a challenge.
    + Improved the looting system.
    + Fixed further sellhead calculations.
  7. Bug fixes

    + Added {player} placeholder for the RUN_COMMAND reward type in challenges and levels.
    + Fixed some challenge difficulties not working properly.
    + Added /hp debug delete <Player name>, which will reset a player's data.
  8. It's here! (New challenge difficulties + Level rewards)

    + You can now gain rewards for levelling up! Editable in levels.yml.
    + A new reward type has been added! Use "RUN_COMMAND" for "reward-type" in challenges.yml and the given command (without the slash - e.g "ban Thatsmusic99") for "reward-value".
    + Added 5 new challenge difficulties and 3 new challenges... wait what (may require inventories.yml reset)

    Yeah I know. I'm gonna be honest: I've been busy this week, and I mean REALLY busy mostly so that I could spend time with some friends of mine...
  9. New language + Customisable sellhead menu + Bug fixes

    + Added the new French translation - thank you to Cyrex/Alexisparis007 for even translating all the configs and not just messages.yml! (For extra configs, find them here: https://github.com/Thatsmusic99/HeadsPlus/tree/Version-6.0.0/files/fr_fr )

    + The sellhead GUI can now be modified and changed to what you like!

    + Fixed an error in 1.8.x servers (Boss bars will not work in those versions due to Spigot API)
    + Fixed sellhead prices being miscalculated
    + Fixed other dodgy sellhead...
  10. New configuration + Boss bars + bug fixes

    Yep, this is a REAL update. And here it comes...

    + Added textmenus.yml so you can completely customise the help menu, leaderboard, profile menus, and so on!
    + Added the boss bar options, which show how far away you are from reaching the next HP level.
    + Fixed blacklist/whitelist header being sent when either is empty
    + Fixed empty blank lines after some menus (in snapshot builds)
    + Fixed issues with MySQL and file transfering in general.

    In other news... on the Discord server for...