HeadsPlus [1.8.x-1.13.x] 5.3.5

A heads plugin with multiple fun features that makes it unique among others.

  1. Challenge-related fixes

    + Fixed challenges re-creating themselves when the plugin loads.
    + Fixed any NPEs thrown when starting up the plugin.

    Some good news here - hopefully starting around the time the plugin hits 9k downloads, you'll notice this plugin page is getting a bit of a rework! Everything should be more well laid out, simpler, and a little more attractive. Maybe I'll do a little more with the updates too? I've already got a few ideas.

    But along with that, I'm hoping that I'll be heading onto v6.0.0 of...
  2. Bug fixes

    + Fixed /hp debug head not working for certain skull types.
    + Fixed the command above returning the wrong message.
  3. Several emergency fixes

    + Fixed an error in 1.8.x versions.
    + Fixed /sellhead all and /sellhead <Entity name> increasing the number of heads in an inventory instead of removing them.
    + Fixed /sellhead all only paying the price of one head.
  4. Sellhead additions

    + You can now use /sellhead zombie 1 to sell just one zombie head instead of all of them at once. (Works with any number - if the given number is larger than the heads being sold, it'll sell all the heads).
    + If you use the sellhead GUI and right click a head you want to sell (from the given options), it'll sell one option.

    I'm gonna be honest with everyone here right here and right now... I've had a bit of a coding block. And usually blocks like these last a long time, for example, I had...
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  5. Bug fixes + Removal of Advent Calendar/Christmas theme

    + Fixed NBT Tags being applied to random items
    + Removed advent calendar
    + Removed Christmas theme
  6. Sounds configuration + Christmas theme!

    + Added sounds.yml which will play sounds upon certain events, such as selling a head, purchasing them, or simply crafting heads. Some are enabled by default, others are not.

    + Added a Christmas theme! (Enabled by default)

    So. Where do I begin.

    FIRSTLY. MOST IMPORTANTLY. IT'S CHRISTMAS!!! AAAAAAAAA. FINALLY! Have a Merry Christmas everyone, whether you celebrate it or not, and whether it was yesterday or it's today for you! <3

    Secondly. Not as important, but if you've kept an eye on...
  7. Sellhead bug fix

    + Fixed /sellhead <Entity name> or "all" selling everything with a NBT tag.
  8. Small background changes

    + Just some small changes to help improve performance.

    I haven't had much time to work on the plugin, but I have some news - firstly, the HeadsPlus wiki is getting a rewrite. I will try and finish this as soon as possible, please bear with me! (Any questions feel free to ask).

    I'm also going to *try* and work on the new debug bot I've confirmed for HeadsPlus's Discord server. It should help with report reading and handling.

    I will try and get to work on some proper features soon. Thanks!
  9. Bug fixes + Configuration changes

    + Fixed a bug in the head interact event.
    + Fixed colors in the sellhead inventory not working.
    + Moved sections up the headsx.yml config.
    + Added an option which will round balances to 2 decimal places like ordinary currency. (Enabled by default and can be configured through the option "round-balance-to-2-d-p" in config.yml, mechanics)
  10. API update + updater fix??

    + Added new custom event: HeadPurchaseEvent (thank you to steve4744 for implementing this!)
    + This update should fix the broken updater.