HeadsPlus [1.8.x-1.15.x] 6.7.1

The heads plugin that refuses to challenge others but instead show its rivals love and support. :D

  1. Hotfix


    [ + ] Fixed the plugin not working on 1.14+ servers.
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  2. Finally pulled this off!!! (Improvements + Config changes)


    Forenote: messages.yml becomes redundant in this version and is replaced by the configuration files in the new locale folder. You can change your language in config.yml using the "locale" option, with the selection of languages in the locale folder. Currently there's no way to move messages.yml to a given language, but I'll be likely to implement this in the future. Also, for the best experience, reset textmenus.yml!

    Trust me.
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  3. Bug fixes + Improvements

    EDIT: For those getting errors when running /heads, please reset customheads.yml, or you'll have a real pain for the whole month figuring it out

    + Removed at least 30 kb worth of junk
    + Re-coded the MySQL API
    + Recoded some of levels (background only)
    + Small improvements to death events that will be applied further later
    + Fixed colours in text menus not working
    + Added modifiable XP per activity in config.yml
    + Fixed an error when an entity dies without a killer
    + Also fixed a...
  4. Bug fixes

    Sorry for disappointing everyone,

    + Fixed /hplb not being realtime
    + Fixed challenges only retrieving statistics from cached leaderboards instead of updating them properly
    + Added a fail-safe for if levels.yml doesn't load correctly
    + Removed Halloween theme + heads
    + Adding values to MySQL/data files are now async too

    I've been gone for a while because I've been more than busy with school, working on other projects, and also taking part in a "hacking" competition, so I've mainly been...
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  5. it's the spooky month (Heads, bug fixes and improvements)

    I hate how I had to skip 3 version just to do this

    + Added 16 Halloween heads and a Halloween section in /heads once more
    + Added "THE_CORRUPT" theme
    + Fixed leaderboards not caching correctly
    + MySQL queries (retreiving currently) are now async

    Yes, updates a lot slower now, and I've mentioned it before, but I can't keep up with development so much anymore with school and mental health being two major factors to this. Not to mention I'm currently working with my server so less...
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  6. Bug fixes and improvements

    + Fixed plugin conflicts with WildStacker
    + Added a leaderboard caching system, of which caches a leaderboard for a specific amount of time before expiring, often best used in holograms
  7. Several bug fixes, mainly with levels

    + If your XP count exceeds the final level's minimum and you don't have any default level set, that is fixed and will default to the final level rather than the level before.
    + Also fixed final levels not appearing in /hp profile or in the %headsplus_level% placeholder
    + Fixed the %headsplus_top_CATEGORY_ENTITY_NUMBER_player% bit being case sensitive
    + Fixed levels config not loading correctly
    + Added more/changed some "special messages"
    + This version will no longer...
  8. Levels config fix

    + Fixed the levels config updating itself after default levels are removed
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  9. Bug fixes for new servers

    + Fixed /hpc coming up with stats rather than challenge sections and not working correctly
    + Added challenge-section as an icon in inventories.yml
    + challenges-easy, challenges-medium etc. are no longer effective icons

    Next, we're breaking heads.yml ;)
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  10. Removed debug code

    I did it again ladies and gents.