Heal System [1.7.x]&[1.8.x] 1.1

heal your self with /heal ! broadcast system & particle effect system

  1. mohamed
    1- broadcast System.
    2- simple message send when player heal himself.
    3- cooldown: 200 second.
    4- player {HEART} effect when player use /heal
    5- play sound if you use /heal

    watch this picture and you know what i mean : http://prntscr.com/9iejxw

    Commands & permission:
    1- /heal = heal.use ==> (permission)
    this plugin have no config for yet.maybe i will add config (soon).
    Please contact me in skype if you find any bug or glitch Skype: moh.bel82
    If u have a pvp server you can give permission to rank's to use the /heal command.
    my plugin is can be used much if you have pvp server.
    You can use this Plugin for your own server.
    You are not allowed to code it.
    You are not allowed to share the Plugin, without my Permission.

    _xAlizz_ or MoodyPvP Thnx for Download my plugin ;D

    hope you enjoy :cool: