HealthBar 1.5

This addes health bars

  1. NacOJerk
    This plugin adds Health Bars
    2015-05-14_16.51.39.png 2015-05-14_16.51.52.png 2015-05-14_16.51.57.png 2015-05-14_16.51.43.png
    2015-05-14_17.10.01.png 2015-05-14_17.09.50.png 2015-05-14_17.09.58.png
    This plugin supports playres and mobs
    Perms :
    ActionBar.HealthBar - Show health bar

    Known bugs : Armor stands poping out

    Notes : This may cause Lag

    This is my first plugin post so I am sorry If I am not very understood
    If any one downloads it please tell me what you think

    If you wish to donate to me :