HealthBars - [1.12.2 - 1.16.4], Mob or Player HealthBar, Customizable, Toggleable 2.0.5

Shows players health in the center of the screen, or above another player's or mob's head!

  1. Fixing a majority of issues with Mob HealthBars

    After a few hours of work, Mob HealthBars should now be fixed with this update and cover most issues listed below. Please remember, if Mob HealthBars are visible after an error, type /hpclearmobs. If the server has been stopped, you will need to use a variant of /kill @e[type=minecraft:armor_stand] to remove all armor stands.

    • Mob HealthBars not disappearing on death.
    • Mob HealthBars getting stuck in place.
    • Mob HealthBars not showing when damaged from a distance....
  2. All version support!

    Alright, this is big!

    HealthBar is now usable in most versions of Minecraft using Spigot and forks of Spigot. Keep in mind that Mob HealthBars might cause issues in other versions, so if it's causing an issue please post in the discussion and disable it using the config.

    However, the main Player HealthBars have been verified to work on all versions of 1.15 and all versions of 1.16.
  3. Mob HealthBars!

    Mob HealthBars and support for 1.16.4 have been added! Will be working on updates for previous versions next (1.16.3, 1.16.2, etc.), as I saw some people were using them.

    With this, there are a few updates. If you find any errors, please let me know!

    • hp.clearmobtags - This allows players to clear all mob HealthBars, and is applied to the default group. This is in case some odd functionality...
  4. Added enable/disable and customization

    You can now enable and disable the HealthBar over other players, as well as customize the color and text of the suffix through the config in the HealthBar folder.
  5. HealthBar above heads!

    This update shows an always-on HealthBar above a player's head. In future updates, players will be able to toggle this.

  6. The Age of Customization!

    Going forward in 2.x versions, I'm looking to add more options for customization and player options.

    TO DO:
    • Different options for HealthBars, not just text based
    • Players able to personalize their HealthBars.

    • Commands
      • /hptimer <time in seconds> - Using this command allows players to set the time in seconds their HealthBar is visible.
      • /hptimer default - Resets the HealthBar timer to max allowable time (2,147,483,647 seconds,...
  7. Full toggle!

    Added permissions and the ability for a player to toggle if they want the HP bar shown or not!

    • A player must have the permission "hp.allowuse" to be able to see the HP bar
    • A player must have the permission "hp.toggle" to be able to toggle their own health bar on or off
      • If they don't have "hp.toggle", it will permanently be visible.
    • "/hptoggle" allows players with the "hp.toggle" permission to toggle their own HealthBar on and off
  8. Customizable!

    With a new config, all parts of the HealthBar are now customizable - except for the numbers!

    • Generates a default config on startup
    • Allows toggling of health scaling, meaning you can show all of your hearts on False or show your hearts display as a % of your total HealthBar on True (with 200 max HP, one heart is equal to 20 HP)
    • Allows toggling of customized HealthBar - want the default? Leave it False. Want to customize it? Turn it to True.
    • Customizable colors of current...
  9. Health Bar Scaling

    Hate when you have over the default amount of health and you have a bunch of health bars on the screen? We now fix that for you. Health bar is now shown as a % of max HP.

    Things to be added:
    • Customizable HP bar
    • Option to turn on and off the HP bar
    • Option to turn on and off health bar scaling
    • Option to change colors
    • Option to change what percentages colors change at
  10. Clarity

    • Added HP besides text to indicate clearly to players that this is HP
    • Used lighter red text for "less than 1/3 HP" readability
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